Funny Words That Start With P (With Definitions)

These funny words that start with P are interesting, peculiar and even a little ridiculous – from pipsqueak to palaver and photobombing to plonker – there’s some really random and unique words on this list! 

Funny Words That Start With P

List of Funny Words that Start with P:


Pabulum: Intellectual or artistic material that is not challenging and lacks meaning; bland content or entertainment.

Palaver: Excessive and meaningless talk; idle chatter.

Palimpsest: Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.

Panky: Slang term for a prank or mischievous act.

Paradigm: A world view, or a set of ideas about how things should be done or understood.

Paraprosdokian: A figure of speech in which the second part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected and often humorous in comparison to the first part.

Parvenu: A person of humble origin who has suddenly risen to a higher social or economic status but has not yet gained the prestige, dignity, or manner associated with it.

Pastiche: A work of art made up of elements taken from various sources; a collage.

Peculate: To illegally use a large amount of wealth and power, typically through unlawful means.

Peculiar: Unusual or strange in a way that is interesting or attractive; unique.

Pedigree: A line of descent from an ancestor; an ancestral line.

Penultimate: The second-to-last one in a series of things; the next to last item.

Penumbra: A partially shaded area, usually in an image or a shadow.

Percolate: To slowly pass through a filter, allowing liquid to be separated from solids.

Peregrination: A long journey, especially one undertaken for pleasure or spiritual growth.

Perfervid: Intensely passionate or enthusiastic; ardently zealous.

Perfidious: Treacherous, deceitful, or disloyal.

Perfunctory: Done in a routine manner without any enthusiasm or interest; half-hearted.

Periphrasis: A roundabout way of saying something; the use of more words than necessary to express an idea.

Perplexing: Confusing or puzzling; difficult to understand.

Persiflage: Light-hearted and frivolous banter; idle talk.

Pernickety: Excessively fussy and difficult to please; finicky.

Pervasive: Extending throughout an area or a substance; widespread.

Petrichor: The pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Petulant: Touchy, irritable, and uncooperative; peevish.

Phantasmagoria: An incredibly strange and bizarre situation or experience.

Phlegm: Mucus or mucous secretions, typically from the throat.

Phlegmatic: Calm and composed; not easily affected by emotions.

Photobomb: To intentionally or unintentionally spoil a photograph with an unexpected appearance.

Photoshop: To alter a digital image using computer software, typically to improve its quality or appearance.

Picayune: Of little worth or value; insignificant.

Pickle: A situation or problem that is complicated and difficult to get out of.

Pipsqueak: A person or thing of insignificant size, power, or importance.

Pitstop: A brief pause in a journey; a stop to refuel, repair, or rest.

Plangent: Making a loud, mournful sound; resounding loudly like a bell.

Platitude: A remark, opinion, or statement that is dull and obvious; a commonplace.

Plethora: An excessive amount or number; an abundance.

Plonker: A foolish or stupid person.

Plunder: To take goods illegally by force, especially in time of war.

Plutocrat: A wealthy and powerful person, especially one with great political or economic influence.

Pogonotrophy: The growing, grooming and styling of facial hair such as beards and moustaches.

Pollyanna: An excessively cheerful and optimistic person; someone who always looks on the bright side.

Pollywog: A young tadpole or polliwog, especially one that has just left its egg.

Pompom: A fluffy, colorful ball of material used to decorate costumes or cheer on a sports team.

Pompous: Self-important and excessively dignified; overly grandiose.

Pontificate: Talk in a pretentious, dogmatic way.

Poo-poo: To dismiss or reject something as being unimportant or wrong.

Pother: A state of confusion or commotion; a fuss.

Pothole: A hole on the surface of a road caused by wear and tear from traffic.

Pragmatic: Practical and focused on achieving results; matter-of-fact.

Prat: A fool who behaves in a silly or careless way; an idiot.

Predilection: A preference for something; an inclination towards a particular thing.

Preposterous: Utterly ridiculous; absurd.

Profligate: Recklessly extravagant; wildly wasteful in the use of resources.

Profound: Deep and full of meaning; indicating great intensity of feeling or thought.

Profuse: Generous or extravagant in the use of something; abundant or copious.

Pudding-head: A silly, foolish person.

Pugnacious: Having or showing a readiness to fight; quarrelsome or combative.

Pundit: A person who is an expert in a particular field, especially one who comments on or evaluates something.

Pusillanimous: Lacking courage and resolution; timid.

Putative: Commonly accepted or supposed to be the case; generally assumed to be true.

Putz: Slang term for someone who is clumsy and ineffectual.

Pyromaniac: A person who has an abnormal desire to set fires.

Pyrotechnics: The craft of making fireworks and other devices to produce explosions, flashes of light, smoke or noise.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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