Funny Words That Start With U (With Definitions)

A list of funny words that start with U.

When we think of funny words that start with the letter U, we might think of ukulele and undulating, but there are plenty of other words that start with U that can bring a smile to your face.

Funny Words That Start With U

List of Funny Words that Start with U:


Ubiety: a person’s exact location at any given moment.

Ubiquitous: Refers to something that is everywhere or seems to be everywhere at once.

Ubiquitousness: the state of being everywhere at once; omnipresence.

Uggs: a brand of shoes made with sheepskin and wool.

Ugly: something unpleasant or unattractive.

Ugsome: more ugly and revolting; loathsome.

Ukulele: a small, four-stringed instrument with a distinctive sound.

Ultimate: the most extreme or final; not able to be surpassed or exceeded.

Ultimatum: a final, uncompromising demand or set of terms issued by one party to another.

Unanimous: agreed to or supported by all members of a group.

Unconscionable: morally reprehensible; outrageous.

Unctuous: excessively smooth or flattering in a way that is insincere or false.

Undercook: to cook something less than the desired amount of time.

Underhanded: sneaky or deceptive in nature.

Underwear: garments worn next to the skin beneath outer clothing.

Undulate: to move in a wavy fashion; to fluctuate rhythmically.

Undulating: having a wave-like motion; fluctuating.

Undulation: a rhythmic, wave-like motion or fluctuation

Unenlightened: lacking knowledge or understanding; ignorant.

Unhinged: mentally unstable; lacking control over one’s emotions or behavior.

Unicorn: Refers to something that is rare or unique.

Unimpeachable: beyond doubt or suspicion; unquestionable.

Unique: one of a kind; without an equal or equivalent.

Unleash: to set free; to release from restraint.

Unorthodox: not following traditional beliefs or practices.

Unrelenting: not relenting or giving in; unyielding.

Uppity: having an attitude that one is superior to others.

Urbane: having a sophisticated, polished manner.

Urchin: a mischievous and often homeless child, typically living on the streets.

Usurp: to seize and hold power without legal authority.

Utile: useful and practical; having utility.

Utilitarian: relating to the doctrine of utilitarianism, which advocates for producing the greatest amount of good with any given action.

Utopia: an imaginary place where everything is perfect.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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