Funny Words That Start With X (With Definitions)

This list of funny words that start with X is short. But still a little funny, weird and abstract. Some may have a silly definition, but each one has an interesting history behind it.

Funny Words That Start With X

List of Funny Words that Start with X:


Xanthippe: A scolding, bad-tempered woman.

Xanthosis: An abnormal yellow discoloration of the skin, typically due to liver dysfunction.

Xebec: A small sailing ship of the Mediterranean with lateen sails.

Xenia: The practice of hospitality in ancient Greece, where strangers were given food and shelter.

Xenial: Of or relating to hospitality; friendly.

Xenodocheionology: The study of inns and hostels.

Xenodochium: An inn or hostel for accommodating travellers.

Xenogamy: Crossing two individuals of different varieties, species, or genera for the purpose of producing offspring.

Xenogenesis: The process by which a new organism is created from the genetic material of two different species.

Xenon: A colorless, odorless noble gas that is used in lighting and photography.

Xenophobia: Intense fear or hatred of strangers, foreigners, or anything perceived as strange and unfamiliar.

Xeriscaping: A type of landscaping that uses local plants requiring little water and maintenance.

Xerophagy: Eating dry food, typically practiced as part of religious fasting.

Xylitol: A kind of sugar alcohol that is used as a sweetener and in sugar-free products.

Xylography: The art and craft of wood engraving and printing.

Xylomancy: Divination or predicting the future through interpreting patterns in pieces of wood.

Xylophagy: The practice of eating wood, commonly seen in termites.

Xylophone: A musical instrument consisting of a series of wooden bars graduated in length and struck with small hammers.

Xyst: An open court surrounded by colonnades or porticoes, used for exercise and athletic training in ancient Rome.

Xyster: A surgeon’s tool used for scraping and smoothing bones during surgical operations.

Xysterize: To scrape or scratch with a xyster.


Whether you’re looking for an interesting word to impress your friends, or just wanting to add some humor to your conversations, these words are sure to do the trick.

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