20+ Fruits That Start With E – With Descriptions

The journey of discovering fruits by alphabets, brings us to the letter ‘E’, which, while it may not be the most populated in the fruit lexicon, is undoubtedly brimming with some of the most exotic and enchanting entries.

Each fruit, in its unique way, tells a story of nature’s wonder and the richness of our global ecosystem.

Let’s embark on this excursion and uncover the treasures starting with the letter ‘E’.

List of Fruits That Start With E

Elderberry: These small, dark berries are often used in jams, jellies, and syrups, boasting both flavor and medicinal properties.

Eggfruit (Canistel): Aptly named for its egg-yolk-like texture, it’s sweet and is often used in desserts and shakes.

Elephant Apple: Native to India and parts of Southeast Asia, it’s used in local cuisines for its sour taste and is believed to have medicinal properties.

Emblica (Indian Gooseberry or Amla): A small, green, and slightly bitter fruit that’s a powerhouse of Vitamin C and has significant importance in Ayurveda.

Emu Apple: Native to Australia, this small red or yellow fruit has a tart taste and is rich in antioxidants.

Entawak: Found in Borneo, it has a creamy texture and flavor reminiscent of pumpkins and is consumed cooked.

Eugenia: A genus containing numerous tropical fruit species, many of which are edible and have a sweet or tangy taste.

European Cornel (Cornelian Cherry): A bright red fruit, often used to make jams or sauces, and has a tart taste.

Evergreen Huckleberry: Native to the western North America, these tiny berries are sweet and often used in baking or jams.

Excalibur Almond: Native to Brazil, it’s not a true almond but has a similar taste and texture.

Elderflower: While it’s the flowers that are often used to make beverages and cordials, elder plants also produce the aforementioned elderberries.

Elephant Ear Fig: An unusual name, but this fruit from Asia is loved for its sweet and nutty flavor.

Endive: Though technically a leaf vegetable, it produces a fruit when allowed to flower and seed.

Etrog: A citron used predominantly in Jewish rituals, it’s also consumed in some Mediterranean regions.

Eastern May Hawthorn: Produces small, apple-like fruits that can be consumed raw or used in jellies.

Early Amber Apricot: A variant of apricot, it’s known for its juicy and sweet taste.

Eungella Eggfruit: A rare fruit from Australia, with a creamy texture similar to avocado.

Eve’s Necklace: Native to Texas, it produces small, black fruits which are generally not consumed due to their toxicity.

Edible Birds Nest: Not a fruit, but a culinary delicacy in some regions made from the nests of certain swiftlet birds.

Edranol Avocado: A variant of avocado, it’s known for its buttery texture and nutty taste.

‘E’ might stand for ‘Exquisite’ in the fruit world, as each entry presents its distinct texture, taste, and tradition.

As our alphabetical journey continues, it’s clear that every letter unfolds a new chapter of nature’s bounty, waiting to be appreciated and savored.

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