Silly Words For A Bit of Fun (With Definitions)

Silly words are usually words that sound funny or have an absurd meaning.

Plus, they are just fun! 

However, there are some common characteristics that are shared by many silly words, including:

  • They often sound like gibberish.
  • They can have a long, complicated spelling or multiple syllables.
  • They may contain repeated letters or odd combinations of letters.
  • Some silly words are even based on puns or double-entendres.
  • They may have a silly meaning or connotation that makes them humorous to say out loud. 

No matter what makes them silly, these funny words can add lightheartedness and levity to conversations and writing. So, don’t be afraid to use some of these silly words to give your speech or writing a silly twist.

silly words

List of Silly Words

  • Balderdash – Nonsense or foolish talk.
  • Ballyhoo – A noisy and exaggerated promotion or advertising campaign.
  • Bamboozled: To be deceived or tricked, usually in an ingenious way.
  • Blatherskite – A person who talks at length without making much sense.
  • Brouhaha – A noisy and overexcited reaction to something relatively unimportant.
  • Bumfuzzle – To confuse or perplex.


  • Chicanery: Trickery or deceitful behavior, usually done in a clever way.
  • Clusterf*ck: A chaotic situation in which everything is going wrong and no one knows what to do.
  • Conundrum: A puzzle or problem that is difficult to solve.
  • Cornucopia: An abundance of something; a great variety of things in large quantities.


  • Fandangle: An unusual decoration added to something mundane in order to make it look fancier.
  • Fartlek: A variation of running in which the speed and intensity are varied.
  • Fiddle-faddle – Trivial or foolish talk.
  • Flabbergast – To surprise or shock greatly.
  • Flapdoodle – Nonsense, foolishness, or pretentiousness.
  • Flibbertigibbet – A frivolous, flighty, or scatterbrained person.
  • Flim-flam: Deception or trickery intended to cheat someone out of something.
  • Flummox: To confuse or bewilder someone; to perplex.
  • Folderol – Trivial or nonsensical fuss or commotion.


  • Gobbledegook: A silly mixture of words and sounds that don’t make any sense.
  • Higgledy-piggledy – In a state of disorder or confusion.
  • Hocus-pocus – Meaningless words or actions used to deceive or mislead.
  • Hooey: Nonsense, foolishness or something that is not true.
  • Hoo-ha: A state of excitement, confusion or commotion.


  • Kerfuffle – A commotion or fuss, often over a minor issue.
  • Malarkey – Meaningless talk or nonsense.
  • Misadventure: An unlucky or unfortunate experience.
  • Mumbo-jumbo: Confusing language full of technical terms; gibberish.


  • Noodlehead – A silly or foolish person.
  • Pickle: A difficult situation; a predicament.
  • Quandary: A difficult situation no easy solution; a puzzle or dilemma.


  • Razzle-dazzle – Showy, flashy, or impressive but lacking substance.
  • Rigmarole – Confused, rambling, or meaningless talk.


  • Shenanigans – Mischievous or deceitful behavior.
  • Skedaddle – To run away quickly, often in a comical or exaggerated manner.
  • Skullduggery – Deceitful or underhanded behavior.
  • Slapdash: Done carelessly and quickly; haphazard.


  • Snickerdoodle: A funny person who likes to joke around and can make people laugh.
  • Snollygoster – A person who is unprincipled or without integrity.
  • Tomfoolery – Foolish or silly behavior.
  • Whatchamacallit: Something that can’t be easily identified or named.
  • Whippersnapper: A young, inexperienced person who is overly confident and often disrespectful.


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