Short Pretty Words – Comprehensive List With Definitions

We write a lot about adjectives and words to describe people, and today we’ve collated a great list of words that can be used in the place of ‘pretty’. Let’s face it, sometimes ‘pretty’ is a bit dull and ‘blah‘.

What are pretty words?

Pretty words are the words we can use to uplift and beautify our sentences and thoughts.

Pretty words are usually used to describe a visually appealing person, situation, event or thing.

Pretty words like these can be used to paint a picture of what the subject looks like, or how it is feeling in someone’s mind as they read, as well as aid in understanding context behind a story or situation.

It’s important to ensure the correct context is being used when choosing a word – for example some describing words on the below list are more suited to ‘things’ and not people and some words are of a more sensual nature and should not be used in certain settings.

Short Pretty Words To Use Instead of ‘Pretty


  • adorable: someone or something that makes them particularly likeable, usually by being ‘cute’ and is often used to describe small versions of things or young people, such as babies, puppies, kittens etc.


  • adorn: to make something more beautiful.


  • aesthetic: having to do with beauty and art, especially in the sense of what gives pleasure to your senses.


  • affable: easy to speak to because you are friendly and pleasant.


  • alluring: causing feelings of great interest, pleasure, or attraction.


  • angelic looking or appearing to be as beautiful and innocent as an angel.


  • appealing: interesting or attractive in some way.


  • attractive: a person or object that is pleasing to look at, or appealing to the senses.


  • beautify: to improve the appearance of.


  • beguiling: enchanting, interesting or charming in a mysterious way.


  • bonnie: a Scottish term meaning pretty or good-looking.


  • captivating: fascinating, enchanting or to hold spellbound


  • charming: pleasant or attractive in looks and/or personality.


  • classic: considered to be an example of excellence or perfection of a kind, especially in style or beauty.


  • comely: attractive in appearance.


  • cute: attractive in a pretty or endearing way, especially in a childlike or na├»ve way.


  • dainty: pretty, delicate and/or small in size.


  • darling: as an adjective, this means charming, pretty or good in appearance.


  • dazzling: very bright and attractive.


  • delicate:  fine, fragile or small in size or structure.


  • delight: appealing in appearance and/or personality.


  • demure: usually used to describe a modest, shy or reserved female.


  • dishy: slang for attractive in appearance.


  • elegant: stylish and graceful in appearance.


  • endearing: lovable and attractive in a childlike or innocent way


  • enthralling: extremely interesting and enjoyable


  • ethereal: exquisite and unusual beauty that seems not be of this world, almost magical.


  • exquisite: extremely beautiful, delicate, or accurate in every detail.


  • fair: an attractive looking female, usually in an innocent way.


  • fancy: elaborate or of expensive appearance.


  • fascinating: extremely interesting and attractive, especially in an unusual way


  • fetching: attractive and appealing in appearance.


  • foxy: attractive in appearance, usually in a sensual way.


  • glamorous: beautiful, elegant and well dressed.


  • glorious: magnificent in appearance.


  • graceful: having a quality of beauty and a feeling of ease in movement


  • grand: impressive in appearance.


  • handsome: used to describe a good looking male.


  • hot: attractive, alluring and an in-demand person, based on looks and current trends or popularity.


  • hunky: usually used to describe a man who is physically well built and attractive.


  • lovely: beautiful or attractive in appearance and/or persona.


  • luscious: very attractive in physical appearance.


  • magnetic: attractive, alluring and captivating in appearance and/or personality.


  • ornate: highly decorated or embellished.


  • perfect: having all the desirable physical qualities.


  • pleasing: appealing in appearance.


  • radiant: giving off heat and light; shining brightly


  • sassy: cheeky, funny and attractive.


  • scenic: providing a great view or appearance to look at visually – not used to describe a person however.


  • serene: tranquil and at peace with yourself and the world.


  • spectacular: very impressive or exciting


  • splendid: magnificent or impressive, in a way that impresses you greatly


  • spunky: usually used to describe a physically attractive male.


  • striking: unusual and obvious attractiveness


  • sultry: attractive, but of a sensual nature.


  • sweet: pleasant or delightful in an innocent way.


  • vista: a pleasing view, used when commenting on a place or object and not a person.


  • warm: attractive in an inviting and personable way.


What is The Difference Between Pretty and Beautiful?

It’s often thought that pretty and beautiful mean the same thing – basically meaning attractive in appearance, good-looking etc.

However, there are differences between the two.

Firstly, pretty is used to describe a physical appearance – the ‘outside’ appearance only. Beautiful, on the other hand, can be used to describe both outside beauty and being ‘beautiful’ on the inside – such as kind, loving, caring etc. It’s a more encompassing term used to describe how someone appears and/or their personality too.

Today, we’re purely looking at synonyms that can be used for the word pretty, – visual aesthetic words.

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