32 Fruits That Start With R – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter R.

While it may not be the most common starting letter for fruits, the variety and richness it presents are undeniably unique.

From tropical to temperate climates, fruits starting with ‘R’ introduce us to tastes that span the globe.

List of Fruits That Start With R


Raisin: Essentially a dried grape, raisins are sweet, chewy, and often used in baking or eaten as a snack.

Rambutan: A tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia, rambutan is closely related to the lychee but has a hairy exterior. Its translucent white flesh is sweet and juicy.

Raspberry: A delicate, red or sometimes black fruit that’s part of the rose family. It has a sweet yet tangy flavor and is popular in desserts.

Red Banana: Sweeter and softer than the common yellow banana, it boasts a hint of raspberry flavor.

Red Currant: These tiny, translucent red berries pack a tart punch and are often used in jams, jellies, and desserts.

Red Dragon Fruit (or Red Pitaya): A type of dragon fruit with red skin and vibrant red flesh, it’s sweet and slightly tart.

Red Mulberry: Similar to blackberries, these fruits are sweet and can be eaten raw or used in various recipes.

Rhubarb: Technically a vegetable, its sour stalks are often treated as fruit and used in pies and desserts, especially when paired with strawberries.

Riberry (or Lilly Pilly): Native to Australia, these bright red berries have a tart cranberry-like flavor, making them great for sauces and jams.

Rose Apple: Shaped somewhat like a pear, its crisp texture and floral taste are refreshing.

Rose Hip: The fruit of the rose plant, rose hips are typically red or orange and are known for their high vitamin C content. They’re used in teas and jams.

Rowanberry: Often found in European forests, these berries are bright orange-red and are mostly used in jams due to their bitterness.

Rukam: A tropical fruit with juicy white segments that are sweet and slightly acidic.

Russian Olive: A small, yellow or red fruit that’s more olive-shaped than an actual olive. It’s slightly sour but can be eaten raw or used in dishes.

Rumberry (or Burahol): This fruit is native to Indonesia and has a sweet taste with a hint of mint.

Runner Bean: While primarily known as a bean, it produces bright red or orange edible flowers.

Ruthberry: Small, red berries that grow on trees and have a mildly sweet taste.

Rye Berry: While rye is primarily known as a grain, the whole rye kernels are sometimes referred to as “rye berries”. Not a fruit in the traditional sense, but a significant part of culinary lexicon.

Ryukyu Island Pineapple: A specialty from the Ryukyu Islands in Japan, this pineapple variant is smaller and sweeter.

Rangpur Lime: A hybrid between a mandarin orange and a lemon, it’s sour and often used as a substitute for limes.

Rasbhari (or Cape Gooseberry): Native to the Americas but popular in parts of Asia, this small, round, yellow fruit is encased in a husk and has a tangy taste.

Roselle (or Hibiscus sabdariffa): A type of hibiscus that bears fleshy red calyces that are often used in teas, jams, and beverages.

Rock Fig: Native to Africa, it’s a type of fig that grows on rocks and has a sweet taste.

Rockmelon: Another term for cantaloupe, this sweet and juicy melon has a net-like skin and orange flesh.

Rollinia: A tropical fruit with soft, creamy flesh that’s both sweet and tart.

Romanesco: While it’s technically a type of cauliflower, its fractal shapes and unique appearance warrant a mention.

Ronnier Pineapple: A variant of pineapple known for its sweet taste and fragrant aroma.

Rooibos: Not a fruit, but the leaves of this South African shrub are used to make the popular rooibos tea.

Rough Lemon: A type of lemon with a rougher skin but equally tangy flesh.

Round Lime: As the name suggests, it’s a round-shaped lime with a strong citrusy flavor.

Royal Gala Apple: A popular apple variety known for its sweet flavor and crisp texture.

Rubus chamaemorus (or Cloudberry): A berry that grows in colder regions. It’s orange-yellow and has a tart, unique flavor.


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