11 Fruits That Start With Q – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter Q.

The letter ‘Q’ might not be the most prolific when it comes to the names of fruits, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality and intrigue. Including a very unique fruit from Australia that starts with Q 🙂

Here’s a dive into the world of fruits that begin with this distinctive letter.

List of Fruits That Start With Q


Quandong: Also known as the desert peach, this bright red fruit is native to Australia and is renowned for its tart flavor. It’s often used in jams and pies.

Quararibea cordata (South American Sapote): A tropical fruit with creamy, orange flesh that’s rich and sweet, reminiscent of a mix between pumpkin and chocolate.

Queen Anne Cherry: This is a variety of cherry that boasts a dual-toned, red and yellow exterior. Its sweet taste makes it a favorite for many.

Queen Palm Fruit: This fruit grows on the queen palm tree, bearing small, bright orange fruits that are juicy and have a slight coconut flavor.

Quaruba: Native to the Amazon rainforest, this fruit has a sweet taste and is often consumed fresh or turned into jams.

Quince: A pome fruit that’s related to apples and pears. Raw quince is quite astringent, but when cooked, it turns sweet and has a delicate pinkish hue, making it ideal for jellies, jams, and pastries.

Quararibea funebris (Rosita de Cacao): An interesting fruit that is used to make drinks due to its cacao-like taste.

Quickstick (Gliricidia sepium): While not conventionally consumed as a fruit, it’s an essential part of some tropical ecosystems and plays a role in traditional medicine.

Queensland Ebony Fruit: A type of persimmon native to Australia, it is small, black, and has a sweet taste.

Quebracho fruit: This fruit comes from the Quebracho tree, primarily known for its hard timber. The fruit itself is not widely consumed but plays a role in the ecosystems where the tree grows.

Quillaja: Also known as the soapbark tree, it produces a fruit whose extract is used in various industries, from food to cosmetics, because of its natural foaming ability.


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