Words To Describe A Positive Person (With Definitions)

A positive person is someone who seeks out the good in every situation. They are optimistic, upbeat, enthusiastic and resilient.

Positive people tend to have a positive outlook on life that helps them find solutions to problems instead of focusing on the negative aspects.

Whilst we can all be a little ‘positive‘ or ‘negative‘ about things at times, positive people tend to think of the good, the opportunities and the ‘silver linings’ more often than not.

Being positive is a state of mind, that anyone can achieve with practice.


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Words To Describe a Positive Person


List of Words to Describe a Positive Person:

The following list of words can help to accurately portray the qualities and characteristics of a positive person.

Those who demonstrate these traits tend to be more successful, confident, and content in their lives.

Positive people are often seen as role models and mentors, showing us what can be achieved with dedication and positivity:


Adaptable: adjusting quickly to different situations.

Altruistic: showing genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Ambitious: determined to succeed and make progress.

Appreciative: expressing gratitude, thankfulness, or admiration.

Belief: having confidence in the truth or existence of something.

Can-do attitude: having a confident and determined approach to a task.

Caring: feeling concern, empathy, and kindness for other people.

Charismatic: having a magnetic personality and special charm.

Cheerful: having an optimistic attitude and a bright, happy disposition.

Collaborative: working together with others in an effective manner.

Compassionate: feeling sympathy and sorrow for the suffering of others.

Composed: being calm, dignified, and in control of one’s emotions.

Confident: feeling sure of oneself and one’s abilities.

Content: feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

Courageous: brave and heroic.

Creative: thinking of new and original ideas.

Determined: resolute and unwavering in purpose or belief.

Diligent: being hardworking and persistent in one’s efforts.

Empathetic: being able to relate to another’s feelings and emotions.

Encourager: someone who inspires others to work hard and do their best.

Encouraging: giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

Energetic: having or showing plenty of energy and motivation.

Enthusiastic: having or showing great excitement and interest.

Entrepreneurial: having the qualities of a leader and innovator.

Faith: having strong belief in something bigger than oneself.

Flexible: able to adapt quickly and easily to different situations.

Forgiving: willing to overlook mistakes, offences, or misdeeds.

Fun: being playful and having a good time.

Generous spirit: being willing to give freely and selflessly.

Generous: willing to give more than is expected or needed.

Gracious: having or showing kindness and courtesy.

Grateful: feeling or expressing appreciation for what one has been given.

Happy: feeling or showing pleasure and contentment.

Hard-working: having the ability to focus and stay dedicated to a task, despite setbacks.

Humble: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Humility: having a low opinion of one’s own importance.

Humorous: able to make people laugh easily and naturally.

Innovative: introducing or using new ideas or methods.

Inspirational: having the power to motivate or influence others.

Inspiring: motivating or stimulating someone by giving them hope and courage.

Jolly: in high spirits and full of cheerfulness.

Joyful: feeling or showing joy and pleasure.

Kind: having or showing a friendly, generous and considerate nature.

Leaders: the ability to inspire, guide and direct people.

Loving: feeling deep affection and care for another person.

Loyal: having or demonstrating strong and constant support or allegiance.

Mentoring: providing guidance, support and advice.

Motivated: having a strong desire to do something and achieve success.

Non-judgmental: not making assumptions about a person’s character based on their actions.

Open-minded: willing to consider and accepting of different opinions.

Opportunistic: chances or possibilities for success or advancement.

Optimistic: believing that good things will happen in the future.

Passionate: having or showing strong feelings and enthusiasm.

Patient: able to remain calm in difficult situations and endure hardships without complaint.

Perseverance: continuing to try to do something even when it is difficult.

Persistent: continuing firmly in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Positive: having a good outlook, full of hope and confidence.

Proactive: taking action and anticipating change ahead of time.

Radiating: emitting energy in all directions.

Reliable: dependable and trustworthy.

Resilience: the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.

Resourceful: able to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Respectful: having or showing admiration for someone or something.

Selfless: caring deeply about the welfare of others, even at one’s own expense.

Sociable: enjoying the company of others and being outgoing.

Stoic: showing strength and endurance in difficult or trying situations.

Success-oriented: having a focus on achieving future goals.

Supportive: providing emotional, physical or material help.

Trust: having a strong belief in someone’s honesty, reliability, and integrity or the belief that something will work out.

Upbeat: cheerful and full of energy.

Wise: having experience, knowledge, and sound judgement.


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