Romantic Words That Start With H (With Definitions)

This list of romantic words that start with H are positive and warm.

They are used to show respect, admiration, and affection, as well as a strong connection between two people.

They can evoke feelings of happiness and contentment, bring hope-filled moments, and create harmoniousness in relationships.

Romantic Words That Start With H

List of Romantic Words that Start with H:


Handsome: Attractive, physically pleasing, and having a noble or kind heart.

Hankering: To have a strong desire or yearning for something.

Happiness: A feeling of joy, contentment, and well-being.

Harmonious: Having a pleasing, peaceful, or orderly atmosphere; free of discord.

Harmony: Being in agreement and balance with each other; peacefulness.

Harness: To bring something under control and use it for one’s own purpose.

Healing embrace: A hug that brings comfort and healing.

Heartache: An intense feeling of sadness or distress caused by an emotional loss.

Heartbeat: The feeling of love and connection between two people.

Heartfelt: Felt sincerely and deeply from the heart.

Hearth: A place of warmth and comfort; the seat of domestic affection.

Heartsong: A feeling of joy in one’s heart; an expression of happiness.

Heartstrings: Emotional connections between two or more people, characterized by strong feelings of love and affection.

Heart-warming: A feeling of warmth and tenderness in one’s heart.

Heavenly: A feeling of divine bliss.

Heaven-sent: A gift or blessing from the heavens, or something that happened as if by divine intervention.

Heirloom: A precious object passed down from one generation to the next.

Heritage: Something that is passed down from one generation to the next.

Heroic: Showing great courage or bravery in difficult situations.

Honesty: Being truthful and sincere in one’s words or actions.

Honey: An affectionate term of endearment used to refer to one’s beloved.

Honeymoon: The period of newlyweds sharing romantic experiences together.

Honor: To respect and admire.

Honourable: To act in an ethical, upright, and noble way.

Hope: The belief that something good will come in the future.

Hug: A gentle embrace to show affection.

Humdinger: Something that is especially remarkable or exceptional in some way.

Hummingbird: A small bird that symbolizes joy and love.


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