18 Fruits That Start With V – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter V.

The charm of fruits often lies in their variety, and the ‘V’ category doesn’t disappoint.

Though they might be less common on global shelves, these fruits carry a rich tapestry of flavors and cultural significance.

As we journey from vineyards to tropical rainforests, these ‘V’ fruits unravel a world of taste and nutrition.

List of Fruits That Start With V


Valencia Orange: A popular variety of orange, it’s known for its juicy content and sweet flavor, making it ideal for orange juice production.

Vanilla Bean: While technically an orchid fruit, the beans are used to extract vanilla flavor, a favorite in desserts and baking.

Velvet Apple (or Mabolo): Native to the Philippines, this apple has a velvety skin and offers a flavor that’s a blend of apple, pear, and banana.

Velvet Tamarind: Not to be confused with regular tamarind, this tiny, dark fruit has a sweet-sour taste and a velvety shell.

Vitamin C Berry (or Camu Camu): Native to the Amazon rainforest, this berry is packed with vitamin C and has a tart flavor.

Voavanga (or Vangueria): Found in parts of Africa, these fruits are round with a taste that’s a mix of sweet and sour.

Voatsiperifery: A type of wild pepper from Madagascar, the berries are used as a spice rather than consumed as regular fruit.

Victoria Pineapple: A variety of pineapple grown mainly in Mauritius, it’s smaller but incredibly sweet.

Vietnamese Apple: Not a true apple, this fruit is similar to a pear in texture and taste.

Vine Peach (or Vinegar Peach): Despite its name, it isn’t a true peach. It has a sour taste, and its juice is sometimes used as a vinegar substitute.

Vine Blackberry: Grown on vines, these blackberries are juicy with a balanced sweetness and tartness.

Vitis (or Wild Grape): This genus includes various wild grape varieties that might not be as sweet as cultivated grapes but carry unique flavors.

Vizamito: A South American fruit that has a soft pulp with a mix of sweet and sour flavors.

Voanioala: Native to Madagascar, it’s a type of forest coconut. Though not widely consumed, it has a nutty flavor.

Vossberry: A berry with a sweet-tart flavor, often compared to gooseberries.

Vudu Berry: Native to some African regions, these berries have a sweet taste and are often eaten fresh or used in traditional dishes.

Velvet Pink Banana: While not suitable for direct consumption, this ornamental banana variety has soft pink skin and is used in decorations.

Vavangue: Found in tropical areas, it’s a small fruit that tastes somewhat like a tamarind but slightly sweeter.


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