26 Fruits That Start With D – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter D.

The letter ‘D’  showcases some of the world’s most delectable fruits.

Some are delightful in their sweetness, while others dazzle with their vibrant colors or distinctive textures. You will find a few fruits on this list that are native to specific countries and therefore likely to be unheard of…..until now 🙂

Let’s delve deeper and discover what these ‘D’ fruits have in store:


List of Fruits That Start With D


Damson Plum: A dark blue-black fruit that’s a sub-type of the European plum. It’s commonly used in jams and liqueurs due to its tart flavor.

Date: This sweet fruit, often dried, comes from the date palm and is a staple in Middle Eastern diets.

Davidson’s Plum: Native to Australia, this fruit is dark purple with a very sour taste, often used in sauces and desserts.

Dead Man’s Fingers (Decaisnea): This unique fruit has blue sausage-shaped pods which contain a jelly-like flesh with black seeds.

Desert Fig: Found in arid regions, it’s a sweet fruit used by indigenous Australians for food and other purposes.

Desert Lime: Another Australian native, these tiny limes pack a strong citrus punch.

Devil’s Fig: This fruit looks like a small yellow tomato but is known for its very bitter taste.

Dewberry: Similar to blackberries, these berries are sweet and often used in pies and jams.

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya): Recognizable by its vibrant pink skin and speckled flesh, it’s both sweet and crunchy.

Durian: Often referred to as the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia, it’s known for its strong odor but creamy and sweet flesh.

Duku (Lansium parasiticum): Close relative to the longan, it’s a Southeast Asian fruit that’s sweet and slightly tangy.

Dwarf Banana: Smaller than regular bananas but packed with sweet flavor.

Dzérè: Found in Africa, it’s consumed for its nutty-flavored seeds rather than the fruit itself.

Dangleberry: Native to the United States, it’s a blue-black berry often consumed by birds.

Darjeeling Banana: A type of banana found in the Darjeeling region of India, recognized for its aromatic flavor.

Dewandaru: Native to Indonesia, it’s a berry that has medicinal properties.

Djenkol Bean: Consumed in parts of Southeast Asia, though it can be toxic if eaten in large amounts.

Doub Palm Fruit: Obtained from the doub palm tree, this fruit has a fibrous texture and sweet taste.

Dovyalis (Tropical Apricot): A small, sour fruit found in parts of Africa and Asia.

Duku Langsat: A combination of duku and langsat, it has a sweet and slightly tangy taste.

Duke’s Berry: Found in the Andean region, these small berries have a tangy taste.

Dzangalov Hats: A mixture of several wild fruits made into a traditional Armenian dish.

Dogwood: These berries can be quite sour and are often used in traditional medicine or fermented for drinks.

Dongol: A fruit found in Sudan, known for its refreshing juice.

Doum Fruit: Obtained from the doum palm, it’s appreciated for its sweet and nutty flavor.

See, there’s always more to explore and taste in the ever-expansive fruit kingdom!

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