20 Fruits That Start With Y – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter Y.

Fruits starting with the letter ‘Y’ introduce a tapestry of diverse textures, tastes, and tales from around the world.

From familiar favorites to lesser-known delights, the ‘Y’ assortment offers a mix of the tropical and temperate, emphasizing the vast spectrum of nature.

List of Fruits That Start With Y


Ya Pear: Also known as the Asian white pear, its crisp texture and sweet taste make it a popular fruit in East Asia.

Yacon: A root vegetable often consumed as a fruit. Native to South America, it has a crispy texture and sweet taste similar to an apple or watermelon.

Yangmei (or Yumberry): A red, orb-shaped fruit native to China, with a taste akin to raspberries and strawberries.

Yantok (or Rattan Fruit): From the Philippines, it’s a small, round fruit with a sour taste, often eaten with salt.

Yellow Mombin (or Hog Plum): A tropical fruit found in the Americas, it’s juicy with a flavor that’s a mix of mango and apricot.

Yellow Passion Fruit: Similar to the more familiar purple variety but with a sweeter taste and vibrant yellow skin.

Yellow Pitahaya: A type of dragon fruit with a sweet flesh, filled with tiny black seeds.

Yellow Rambutan: A variant of the familiar rambutan but with a yellow skin, offering a sweet and juicy white flesh.

Yellow Sapote: With a custard-like texture and a flavor that’s similar to chocolate pudding, it’s a tropical delight.

Yellow Watermelon: Similar in taste to the regular red watermelon but with a bright yellow flesh, offering a refreshing and sweet taste.

Yemei: A lesser-known fruit, details of which can be elusive and dependent on regional specifics.

Yemenite Citron: A type of citron used primarily in Jewish rituals, especially during Sukkot.

Yew Berry: Produced by the yew tree, these berries are bright red with a sweet taste but should be consumed with caution as most parts of the tree are toxic.

Yogurt Fruit (or Star Apple): Native to the West Indies and the Philippines, its pulp resembles and tastes like yogurt.

Yoruba Orange: A type of orange specific to regions in Africa, offering a distinct twist on the familiar citrus flavor.

Youngberry: A berry that’s a hybrid between blackberries, dewberries, and raspberries, boasting a sweet-tart flavor.

Yuba: While not a fruit in the traditional sense, in some contexts and regional uses, the term can be associated with specific edible plants or derivatives.

Yucca Fruit: Produced by the yucca plant, it’s a starchy fruit with a taste similar to that of an apple but slightly bitter.

Yulan Magnolia: The buds are often used in Chinese cooking, but it also bears fruit that’s rarely eaten due to its strong taste.

Yumberry: Another name for Yangmei, it’s a sweet-sour fruit popular in China.


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