12 Fruits That Start With Z – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter Z.

It’s actually surprising that there is even twelve fruits that all start with the letter Z! 

Yes, many are different languages or variations of more well-known fruits, yet they still count 🙂

List of Fruits That Start With Z


Zabergau Reinette Apple: Originating from Germany, this apple variety is characterized by its large size and russeted skin, offering a sweet and tangy flavor.

Zalzalak: A fruit native to the Persian Gulf region, it’s small and offers a juicy burst when bitten, similar to lychee in texture.

Zambo: Native to Central and South America, this fruit has a soft, pink flesh with a taste reminiscent of melon and berries.

Zapote: This term is used for various fruits in Latin America, but often refers to a fruit with a rough brown skin and soft, sweet inner flesh.

Zarzamora: The Spanish term for blackberries, these juicy, dark berries are sweet with a slightly tart undertone.

Zatte: An heirloom apple variety from Belgium, known for its distinct, aromatic flavor.

Zig Zag Vine Fruit: Native to Australia, this fruit grows on a zig-zagging vine and offers a sour punch when eaten.

Zinfandel Grapes: Primarily used for winemaking, these dark-skinned grapes are juicy and can be eaten fresh, although they’re most famous for producing Zinfandel wine.

Ziziphus (or Jujube): Native to Asia, these small fruits resemble dates when dried, and offer a sweet-apple flavor when fresh.

Zucchini (Courgette): While often treated as a vegetable, it’s botanically a fruit. Zucchinis are versatile, mild-flavored, and can even be eaten raw.

Zurracapote: A term used in Spain for a drink made from fermented fruits, but sometimes it refers to the fruits used in the drink, which can include prunes, figs, and cherries.

Zwetschge (or Damson Plum): A type of European plum, characterized by its oval shape and deep blue skin. It’s often used in baking and jam-making due to its sweet-tart flavor.

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