45 Fruits That Start With T – With Descriptions

This list of fruits all start with the letter T.

When we think of fruits, the likes of apples, bananas, and cherries might immediately come to mind. But the world of fruits is vast and varied, with each letter of the alphabet contributing its fair share of deliciousness.

Enter the letter ‘T’, a treasure trove of taste and texture. From the tropical sweetness of tamarinds to the tartness of tamarillos, fruits that start with the letter ‘T’ take us on a tantalizing taste journey.

In this list, we will explore the diverse and delightful world of fruits, each offering a unique flavor profile and a host of nutritional benefits. Ready to tease your taste buds? Let’s dive in!

List of Fruits That Start With T


Tachibana Orange: A seedless and highly aromatic citrus fruit native to Japan.

Taffy Grapes: Green seedless grapes covered in a candy-like coating, reminiscent of taffy.

Tamarillo: Also known as tree tomato, a bright red or yellow egg-shaped fruit with tangy flesh.

Tamarind: A sour-sweet fruit in a brown pod; its pulp is widely used in various cuisines.

Tangelo: A citrus fruit hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit, known for its juiciness and mild sweetness.

Tangerillo: A citrus hybrid, smaller and more sour than tangerines.

Tangerine: A bright orange citrus fruit, smaller than most oranges with a sweet and tangy flavor.

Tangerinequat: A hybrid of a tangerine and a kumquat, combining the best of both fruits’ flavors.

Tangor: A citrus hybrid between an orange and a tangerine, also known as “Temple Orange.”

Tarap: Native to Borneo and Palawan, a fruit with creamy, white flesh and a custard-like texture.

Tarpan Strawberry: A strawberry variety known for its intense flavor and aroma.

Tart Cherry: A type of cherry with a more sour taste compared to regular cherries, often used in pies and jams.

Tawa-Tawa: Also known as snake fruit due to its reddish-brown scaly skin; has a tart taste.

Tayberry: A hybrid between blackberries and raspberries, tayberries have a unique sweet-tart flavor.

Tepin Pepper: A very hot chili pepper native to the Americas.

Terap: A large green fruit from Malaysia with soft, sweet flesh inside.

Texas Persimmon: A small, black fruit native to Texas and Mexico; sweet when ripe.

Thimbleberry: A soft, red fruit similar to a raspberry but with a flatter shape.

Thorn Apple: Another name for the fruit of the Datura plant, which is toxic and not consumed.

Thornberry: Not a recognized common fruit. It might be confused with thimbleberry or another berry.

Thornless Blackberry: A cultivated variety of blackberry without thorns, making harvesting easier.

Thornless Loganberry: A hybrid of blackberry and raspberry without thorns.

Thumbelina Apple: A miniature apple variety known for its small size.

Tieguanyin: Not a fruit but a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea.

Tindora: A small gourd that’s green and crunchy; eaten as a vegetable but botanically a fruit.

Tomato: A versatile red or yellow fruit used in countless dishes worldwide.

Tomato Berry: A variety of tomato that’s small and sweet, shaped like a berry.

Tomato Cherry: Small, bite-sized tomatoes that are sweet and perfect for salads.

Tomato Plum: A tomato variety that is oval, like a plum, often used for making sauces.

Tompkins King Apple: An old apple variety known for its large size and tart flavor.

Tonka Fruit: Native to South America; its seeds are aromatic and used as a spice.

Topaz Apple: A modern apple variety with a tangy flavor and yellowish skin with a reddish blush.

Toronja: Spanish term for grapefruit, a citrus fruit with a juicy, tangy flavor.

Torpedo Melon: A melon variety with an elongated shape, sweet and juicy flesh.

Totapuri Mango: A mango variety from India, known for its elongated shape and tangy flavor.

Tree Melon: Another name for papaya, a tropical fruit with sweet, orange flesh.

Tree Tomato: An alternate name for Tamarillo.

Tropical Apricot: Also known as Mammea Americana, this fruit has a sweet and sour taste.

Tucuma: A fruit from the Amazon region, known for its bright orange flesh and unique flavor.

Tuna Fruit: The fruit of the prickly pear cactus; juicy and sweet.

Tung Berry: From the Tung tree, primarily used for making Tung oil.

Tungfruit: Another term for the fruit of the Tung tree.

Turmeric Fruit: While turmeric is mainly known for its root, its fruit is also edible and has a tangy taste.

Tyai (or Hog Plum): Found in tropical regions, sour and often used in pickles and relishes.

Tyberry: A cross between a tayberry and a blackberry, this fruit combines the flavors of raspberries, blackberries, and loganberries into one unique berry.


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