Romantic Words That Start With A (With Definitions)

This list of romantic words that start with A all come with definitions that perfectly showcase their meaning in a romantic context.

If you’re looking for a romantic word to describe your feelings, your emotions or a particular special person, then this list will certainly help.

Romantic Words That Start With A

List of Romantic Words that Start with A:


Abundance: Plentifulness; having more than enough of something desirable. Can be used to describe a deep feeling of satisfaction in relationships.

Accolade: A spoken or written tribute of praise; an honor or award. Can be used to describe the rewards and recognition that come from being in a successful romantic partnership.

Acquiescence: Compliance or submission to what is required, often with reluctance but without protest. Can be used to describe a relationship in which both partners are willing to compromise.

Admiration: A feeling of respect and fondness towards someone because of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Adorable: Attractive and delightful; worthy of being loved. Can be used to refer to the beauty and joy that come from being in a romantic relationship with someone special.

Adoration: Deep admiration and love, often with a spiritual element.

Adore: To love someone deeply and completely, especially in a romantic way.

Adulation: Praise and admiration that is often excessive or uncritical.

Adventure: A thrilling experience or an exciting journey.

Adventurous: Willing to take risks and explore new possibilities.

Adversity: Facing and overcoming difficult times or circumstances.

Aesthetic: Pleasing in form, balance, or color; beautiful in appearance. Can be used to describe the beauty of a romantic partnership.

Affable: Friendly and easy to talk to; amiable.

Affection: Tender feelings or emotions; fondness and kindness. Can be used to describe the mutual connection and understanding that comes from being in a loving relationship.

Affinity: A strong connection or attraction to someone.

Affirmation: Assertion of truth or validity; a positive declaration.

Agreeable: Pleasant, agreeable, and likely to bring satisfaction.

Alchemy: A seemingly magical power of transformation, can often be seen or felt with romantic connotations.

Allegiance: Loyalty and devotion to a cause, ideal, or person. Can be used to illustrate the commitment between two people in a solid relationship.

Allure: An irresistible power of attraction; a mysterious charm. Can be used to refer to the intangible draw that two people have for each other in a romantic partnership.

Allurement: Something that attracts, tempts, or entices another.

Alluring: Something that is very attractive and tempting.

Altitude: The height above sea level of an object or location. Can be used to describe a feeling of being on top of the world in terms of emotion.

Altruism: Unselfish concern and devotion to the welfare of others.

Amalgam: A mixture or combination of elements, often with romantic connotations.

Amalgamate: To combine several separate elements into one whole. Can be used to refer to how two people can unite their lives together as part of a romantic partnership.

Amazement: A feeling of great surprise and wonder caused by something unexpected.

Ambrosial: Sweet and fragrant, often associated with divine qualities.

Amenable: Ready and willing to comply with someone or something; flexible.

Amicable: Characterized by friendliness and goodwill.

Amity: A friendship between two people or groups, based on mutual understanding and sympathy.

Amity: Friendship and goodwill; peaceful relations between people or groups. Can be used to describe a relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.

Amore: The Italian word for love, usually used as a term of endearment.

Amorous: Expressing strong feelings of love and affection. Can be used to describe the emotional connection that forms between two people in a romantic relationship.

Amour: A strong feeling of deep affection, usually shared between two people in a committed relationship.

Amplify: To make larger, stronger, or more intense; to emphasize. Can be used to describe the ways in which love, and positive feelings can grow stronger over time.

Amusement: Enjoyment and entertainment; delighting someone’s senses with pleasure.

Anchorage: A place of safety, security, or stability; a refuge from danger or stormy weather. Can be used to refer to the sense of comfort that comes from being part of an intimate relationship.

Angelic: Someone or something that is beautiful, pure, and perfect.

Anticipation: The joyful expectation of something pleasurable or desirable.

Aphorism: A wise saying or proverb that is often associated with romantic contexts.

Aphrodisiac: Anything that stimulates and enhances desire.

Aplomb: Self-confidence and assurance; the ability to remain composed in difficult situations.

Appreciation: Gratitude and recognition for something that has been done.

Appreciative: Expressing admiration and gratitude for something.

Aptitude: Natural ability or talent for something.

Ardent: Showing intense enthusiasm and passion.

Ardor: Passionate intensity; great enthusiasm and energy.

Articulate: Expressing oneself clearly and fluently; eloquent.

Artistry: Skilful creativity; the ability to produce works of art.

Assiduity: Careful attention, usually applied in a loving way.

Astonish: To fill with wonder or surprise; to amaze.

Astonishment: Feeling of surprise and wonderment.

Attentive: Paying close attention to someone or something.

Attraction: A natural or powerful emotion which draws one to another.

Attractive: Appealing or appealing to the senses; captivating. Can be used to describe the physical and emotional appeal that two people have for each other in a romantic relationship.

Attunement: A sympathetic understanding between two people; a connection on a deep level.

Audacious: Fearless and bold; daring and intrepid. Can be used to describe someone who is willing to take risks for love.

Audacity: Boldness and daring without regard for danger or consequences.

Aura: A mysterious atmosphere or quality that seems to surround someone or something.

Authentic: Genuine and true.

Avowal: A strong declaration or assertion; a solemn pledge.

Awe-inspiring: Something that inspires admiration and reverence.

Awestruck: Feeling deeply impressed, astonished, and overwhelmed with admiration.


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