Romantic Words That Start With B (With Definitions)

When we think of romantic words that start with B, we might think of words like beautiful, blissful, and beloved. However, there are so many romantic B words that can be used to describe someone or help you to express your romantic feelings.

Romantic Words That Start With B

List of Romantic Words that Start with B:


Balmy – pleasantly mild; gentle; warm.

Banter – teasing or playful conversation; light, humorous talk.

Bask – to feel or show pleasure and satisfaction, especially through being surrounded by something enjoyable.

Beacon – a signal of hope or encouragement; a guiding light.

Beaming – having a broad, radiant smile or expression of joy.

Beau – a very attractive or dashing man; an admirer or sweetheart.

Beauteous – very beautiful or attractive; lovely.

Beautiful – kind nature and/or pleasing to look at, possessing beauty, grace, and charm.

Beautify – make something more attractive, often by cleaning or decorating it.

Beauty – the quality of being attractive and pleasing.

Bedazzle – to overpower or overwhelm with beauty, splendor, or brilliance.

Bedazzling – to overpower or overwhelm with beauty, splendor, or brilliance.

Befriending – to form a strong bond with another person through friendship and trust.

Beguile – charm in a way that makes someone forgetful of danger, loyalty, or hardship.

Beguiling – captivatingly attractive or alluring; enchanting.

Beloved: A person dearly loved by another; greatly cherished or adored.

Benevolent – having or displaying generosity, kindness, and concern for others.

Besotted – deeply in love or infatuated with someone; enchanted or captivated by them.

Bespoke – custom-made, tailored to one’s individual needs or preferences.

Bewitching – charmingly attractive and alluring; enchanting.

Bijou – an extremely small and delicate item of jewelry; a trinket.

Blessed – highly favored by God or a divine power; made holy.

Bliss – perfect happiness; great joy.

Blissed – overwhelmed by joy or blissful delight.

Blissful – filled with extreme happiness and contentment.

Blissfully – in a state of deep happiness or pleasure; joyously.

Blissfulness – the state of being unbounded joy or happiness.

Blithe – carefree and light-hearted in disposition; joyous.

Blithely – carefree and light-hearted in disposition; joyously.

Blooming – fresh and beautiful, thriving and full of life.

Bodacious – impressive, audacious, and daring; remarkable.

Bon vivant – a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle.

Bonding – to form an emotional connection or relationship.

Bonny – pleasant in appearance; attractive and cheerful-looking.

Boo – a term of endearment used to express affection for a loved one.

Bounteous – generous in giving or bestowing; lavish.

Bountiful – abundant in quantity; generous or plentiful.

Bounty – generosity in giving or bestowing; an ample measure of gifts.

Bravo – an enthusiastic expression or gesture of approval or admiration.

Brazen – bold and unapologetic; fearless in the face of danger or difficulty.

Brighten – make or become brighter in color or appearance.

Brilliance – the quality of being magnificent or splendid.

Brilliant – exceptionally clever or talented; shining brightly.

Brimming – overflowing, full to the brim with emotion or feeling.

Brio – energy, vivacity, and enthusiasm; liveliness.

Bubbling – to give off bubbles, usually of laughter or excitement.

Bubbly – effervescent and lively; joyous.

Buoyant – able to float on water, showing great optimism and confidence.


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