Personality Traits That Start With A (With Definitions)

When we think of personality traits that start with A, we often think of adventurous, ambitious and assertive.

There are however, many more personality traits starting with A that are both positive and negative traits and can be used to describe people of varying types in our lives.

Personality Traits That Start With A

List of Personality Traits That Start With A


Able: possessing skills and abilities that make one capable of accomplishing tasks.

Abrasive: having an abrasive or rough personality, often in a critical way.

Abrupt: having an abrupt or curt attitude, often in a rude manner.

Absentminded: someone who often forgets or overlooks things that are obvious to others. They tend to be easily distracted and lack focus, but they can also be creative and imaginative thinkers when given the right environment.

Abundant: Someone who is always looking for new ways to grow, learn and develop. They are driven by a strong desire to achieve, take initiative, and strive for excellence.

Accommodating: People with this trait have an easy-going nature and a willingness to help others when needed. They are often patient, kind, and understanding of different perspectives.

Accomplished: having achieved a great degree of success in one’s chosen field.

Active: People who are always on the move and full of energy. They often take the lead in group activities, enjoy trying new things, and thrive when there is a lot going on.

Adaptable: able to easily adjust to new people, situations, and environments.

Adaptive: able to quickly adjust one’s behavior in response to changes.

Adroit: having the skill to quickly grasp complex concepts, often without effort.

Adventurous: eager to try new experiences, often with a risk-taking attitude.

Affable: friendly, approachable, and easy to get along with.

Affectionate: Someone who is warm and loving towards others, willing to give and receive love freely.

Affluent: having a great deal of wealth or financial resources.

Aggressive: People with this trait tend to be very direct and outspoken. They have a strong need for control, power, and may act impulsively when they don’t get their way.

Agreeable: open to compromise and willing to find common ground.

Alert: being vigilant and responsive to changes in the environment or situation.

Aloof: A person who is not very open or friendly, often appearing cold or uninterested in others. They tend to prefer being alone or in small groups and may be perceived as snobbish or standoffish.

Altruistic: selfless and acting with concern for the well-being of others.

Ambitious: eager to get ahead or reach a level of success.

Amiable: having an easy-going, affable demeanor that is warm and welcoming.

Amicable: having a friendly attitude and an eagerness to form positive relationships.

Amoral: People who lack a moral compass or understanding of right and wrong. They may act opportunistically or without considering the consequences of their actions.

Analytic: able to break down complex ideas and topics into smaller manageable components.

Analytical: having a thorough understanding of complex systems and processes.

Angry: A person with a short temper that flares up quickly and easily. They may be prone to sudden outbursts of anger and have difficulty controlling their emotions in stressful situations.

Antisocial: People with this trait tend to be distrustful of others and prefer to keep to themselves. They may appear aloof or withdrawn and can struggle to form meaningful connections.

Anxious: A person who is often worried or stressed out, even in seemingly normal situations. They may find it difficult to relax and have difficulty trusting that things will work out.

Apathetic: feeling indifference or apathy towards something or someone.

Appreciative: Someone who is able to recognize and express gratitude for the good things in life. They are often thankful and generous, taking time to show appreciation for those around them.

Apprehensive: feeling anxious or fearful about a certain situation or outcome.

Approachable: Someone who is open and friendly, making others feel at ease. They are often seen as approachable and easy to talk to, able to put people at ease with their relaxed attitude.

Argumentative: People with this trait are drawn to debates and arguments, often displaying a very strong opinion on any given topic. They are passionate about their beliefs, and willing to stand up for what they think is right.

Arrogant: A person who excessively believes in their own abilities and worth, to the point of superiority over others.

Articulate: having the ability to express oneself clearly and effectively.

Artificial: A person who tends to be very calculating and strategic in their interactions and decision-making. They often come across as robotic or lacking emotion, relying heavily on facts rather than intuition.

Artistic: having an appreciation or aptitude for creative arts such as drawing, music, or writing.

Ascetic: practicing self-discipline, often through abstaining from material pleasures.

Assertive: having an outgoing personality and the confidence to express one’s opinions or needs.

Astute: possessing keen insight and good judgment.

Athletic: possessing strong physical abilities often associated with sports.

Attentive: paying close attention to details, particularly when helping others.

Attentive: Someone who is always paying attention to detail and striving for perfection in all aspects of their life.

Audacious: willing to take bold risks in order to achieve great outcomes.

Auspicious: having favorable prospects for success or good luck.

Authentic: genuine and honest in one’s actions.

Authoritative: possessing an authoritative presence and demeanor.


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