Romantic Words That Start With L (With Definitions)

When considering romantic words that start with L, we obviously can’t go past ‘love‘. However, there are many more romantic L words that can add a special touch to your words of affection.

Romantic Words That Start With L

List of Romantic Words that Start with L:


Laughter: The sound of joy or amusement, commonly shared between partners.

Lavish: Giving in abundance with great generosity; abundance of luxury.

Lavishly: In an extravagant and luxurious manner; with great abundance.

Lavishness: Generous, abundant, and extravagant; generous with wealth or resources.

Leisure: An abundant amount of free time that can be spent in a pleasurable manner.

Leisurely: Taking one’s time in order to fully enjoy something.

Levity: Light-heartedness and cheerfulness, usually shared in a joking manner.

Limelight: A state of being the center of attention and admiration.

Linger: To stay for a period of time, usually in regard to an enjoyable experience.

Lingerie: Clothing made from sheer or delicate fabrics, often associated with romanticism.

Lithesome: Graceful and lithe; having an agile and supple body.

Longing: A strong feeling of wanting or desiring something; a yearning for something.

Love: A deep and profound emotion that is strongly associated with romance.

Loveable: Having endearing qualities that make one desirable and beloved.

Lovebird: A term of endearment used to describe someone who is deeply in love.

Loved: To be deeply cared for, admired and cherished by someone else.

Lovely: Having beauty that is both attractive and endearing.

Lover: An intimate partner or someone who one has strong feelings of love for.

Lovestruck: Feeling overwhelmed with passion and infatuation for someone.

Lovingly: Showing love and affection with warmth and kindness.

Loyal: Being faithful and dedicated to someone through thick and thin.

Loyalty: A strong sense of devotion and commitment; being steadfast in friendship.

Lucid: Expressing oneself clearly and easily understood by others.

Lucky: Being fortunate; having an advantageous fate.

Lullaby: A soothing song that is usually sung to help someone sleep.

Lulling: Making gentle, soothing sounds that can help one fall asleep or relax.

Luminosity: Emitting a brilliant light; luminous brightness.

Luminous: Shining or glowing with a warm and gentle light.

Luscious: Pleasingly sweet or satisfying, often used to describe food or drink.

Lusciously: Pleasingly sweet or satisfying. Often used to describe something delicious.

Lust: An intense need or desire for something, often referring to romantic feelings.

Lustful: Feeling strong romantic desire or wanting someone deeply and passionately.

Lustily: With great vigor and enthusiasm; expressing great desire.

Lustre: Shining brightly with a reflective quality; having great beauty or charm.

Lustrous: Having a soft glow that is appealing and eye-catching.

Luxuriant: Abundant in beauty, richness, or pleasure; flourishing.

Luxuriate: To enjoy oneself in an opulent way; to indulge oneself.

Lyrical: Having a poetic quality to it, often referring to music or poetry.


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