Words That Start With Z (With Definitions)

The letter Z is known for its rarity in the English language, but there are still some very interesting words that use it. From zestful to zenith, you’ll find plenty of amazing terms below. 

There are short words, easy words and even some slang words that all start with the letter Z.


Here’s a list of them, along with their definitions.

Words That Start With Z

Zany: silly, crazy, or clownish in a humorous way

Zeal: great enthusiasm or eagerness.

Zealot: a person who is fanatically devoted to a cause or belief.

Zebra: a mammal native to Africa and southern Asia, known for its distinctive black and white stripes.

Zeitgeist: the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

Zen: a school of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China and emphasizes meditation and intuition as means of achieving enlightenment.

Zenith: The highest point or most successful time in the development of something.

Zephyr: A gentle breeze; a soft and gentle wind.

Zero: the numerical symbol 0, representing the absence of any quantity or magnitude; nothingness.

Zest: The outer, often colorful rind of certain fruits and vegetables; enthusiasm, energy, or liveliness.

Zestful: having or showing great enthusiasm and energy.

Zestfully: in a manner full of energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment; with gusto or relish.

Zigzag: A line or pattern that alternates between two directions, typically at an angle of 45 degrees.

Zigzag: (adjective) to move in a zigzag pattern or direction; go back and forth between two points.

Zillion: an extremely large, indefinite number.

Zinger: an apt and witty remark or comeback.

Zircon: a mineral that typically occurs as brown or grayish-red crystals and is commonly used as a gemstone or as a source of zirconium.

Zither: a musical instrument consisting of a flat wooden soundboard with numerous strings stretched across it, played by plucking the strings with the fingers or a plectrum.

Zither: A musical instrument consisting of a flat, open-backed box with strings stretched across the top.

Zodiac: the imaginary belt of the heavens within which are the larger planets, extending about 8° on either side of the ecliptic.

Zonal: of or relating to a zone or zones.

Zoo: a place where live animals are kept and exhibited to the public for entertainment, education, and conservation purposes.

Zookeeper: a person who manages and cares for animals in a zoo, including feeding them, cleaning their enclosures, and ensuring their health and well-being.

Zoology: the scientific study of animals and their behavior, classification, and distribution.

Zoom: move or cause to move with a loud, deep noise.

Zygomatic: of or relating to the zygomatic bone, which forms the prominent part of the cheek and the outer side of the eye socket

Zygote: a cell formed by the union of two gametes, especially a fertilized egg cell.

Zymurgy: the scientific study of fermentation, especially the process of producing beer and wine.


We hope you enjoyed this list of words that start with Z.

With so many interesting terms to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of ideas for your next writing project!

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