Romantic Words That Start With K (With Definitions)

There aren’t too many romantic words that start with K, however the words kiss, kindness and kismet are great examples of romance.

These words can be used to create a meaningful and romantic atmosphere in any relationship. Whether you choose to whisper them into your partner’s ear or write them in a card, they are sure to bring a smile to their face!

Romantic Words That Start With K

List of Romantic Words that Start with K:


Kapow – An expression used when something is unexpected and exciting.

Keen – To be very eager and enthusiastic about something.

Keenly – Showing an intense eagerness or enthusiasm for something.

Keenness – Having an intense eagerness or enthusiasm for something.

Kerfuffle – A state of confusion, disorder, or commotion.

Kilig – A Filipino term that expresses a feeling of butterflies in the stomach, similar to being excited or thrilled.

Kind – Being gentle and considerate.

Kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It is often seen as an important part of romantic relationships.

Kindred – Having similar dispositions or interests; a common bond.

Kismet – a Turkish word used to express fate or destiny. It expresses the idea that two people are meant for each other, as if it were written in the stars.

Kiss – a physical expression of love, usually involving touching lips. It can be used to express emotion or as an act of affection.

Kissable – Deserving of, or worthy of being kissed.

Kith – Close friends or family members; people with whom you share a deep bond.

Knack – A special talent or skill at doing something.

Knead – To massage gently with the hands, usually for relaxation and pleasure.

Kudos – Praise or recognition given to someone for a job well done.

Kvell – A Yiddish term that is used to express an intense feeling of joy and pride in someone else’s accomplishment.

Kythe – To make something known in words by declaring or proclaiming something (such as love).


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