Romantic Words That Start With R (With Definitions)

Romantic words that start with R can be used to express love and affection, as well as to show kindness and appreciation.

Romantic words beginning with R include rapture, radiance, reverence and rosy. As well as ‘romantic’ itself!

Here’s a list of more words that all start with the letter R and have romantic meanings.


Romantic Words That Start With R

Romantic Words That Start With R


Radiant: To shine brilliantly, like a light or the sun; often used to describe someone with inner beauty and happiness.

Rapt: Charmed, enthralled and/or entranced.

Rapture: A blissful state of joy and happiness experienced by two people in love.

Rapturous: Extremely joyful and delighted; ecstatic.

Ravish: To overwhelm with emotion and desire; to stir up the senses.

Ravishing: Strikingly beautiful; very attractive in a romantic way.

Reaffirm: To reaffirm one’s love and commitment to another person.

Reassure: To show someone that you care, love, and accept them.

Rebound: To come back together again after a period of separation.

Reciprocate: To give back or return, often in a romantic way.

Rejoice: To be filled with great joy; to celebrate something.

Rejuvenate: To restore to a state of freshness and vitality; to give new life.

Rejuvenation: The feeling of being refreshed and reborn in a relationship.

Rekindle: To reignite feelings of passion and love in a relationship.

Relic: Something kept for sentimental or historical value; a reminder of the past.

Relish: To enjoy something special together; to appreciate it deeply.

Rendezvous: A meeting arranged in advance between two lovers or romantic partners.

Renewal: A sense of being refreshed and reborn; to feel newly invigorated.

Rescue: To save someone from unhappiness or danger, often in a romantic way.

Resonance: An echo of emotion that vibrates deeply within us.

Resonate: To express a feeling or emotion that is familiar and deeply understood.

Respect: A feeling of admiration and adoration for someone, often expressed in a romantic way.

Restore: To bring back to life or revive something; to make it new again.

Reunion: The joyous occasion of coming together again after a period of separation.

Revel: To experience something special, delightful, and joyful together.

Revelry: Exuberant and joyous celebration shared with others.

Reverence: To show deep respect or admiration for another person.

Reverently: Showing respect and admiration for someone in a quiet, gentle way.

Revitalize: To give new energy and life to a situation or relationship.

Revive: To restore love and passion in a relationship.

Rhapsody: A piece of music or literature expressing great emotion.

Ritual: A special ceremony or act between two people that signifies love, commitment, and devotion.

Romance: An intense feeling of love, passion, and admiration for another person.

Romantically: To express feelings of love or admiration in a loving manner.

Romanticize: To idealize something and make it more beautiful; to create a romantic image.

Rose: A symbol of beauty, love, and passion.

Rosebud: A small pink rosebud (symbol of innocence, youth, and promise).

Rouse: To stir up emotion and enthusiasm, especially love.


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