Romantic Words That Start With G (With Definitions)

This list of romantic words that start with G can convey a strong sense of emotion that draws attention and admiration.

From goodness, generosity and gladness to glamorous, gleaming and glimmering, these words can be used to express sentiments of love, joy and appreciation.

Romantic Words That Start With G

List of Romantic Words that Start with G:

Gallant – Brave, courageous and noble.

Galore – An abundance or plenty of something.

Generosity – Unselfishness shown by giving freely without expecting anything in return.

Generous – Showing a readiness to give more of something, especially money or time, than is necessary or expected.

Genteel – Courteous, polite and urbane.

Gentle – Having a kind, mild manner.

Gentleness – Kindness and tenderness shown towards another person.

Genuine – An honest, sincere and true expression of affection.

Gift – An act of kindness given to show affection or love.

Gladness – A feeling of joy and happiness.

Glamorous – Attractive and exciting in a way that draws admiration.

Glamour – An attractive and exciting quality that draws attention and admiration.

Gleaming – Shining brightly; radiating light.

Glee – A feeling of great joy and delight.

Glimmer – A faint, twinkling or shimmering light.

Glimpse – A brief view or look at something.

Glittering – Shining brightly; emitting a sparkle or gleam.

Glorious – An overwhelming feeling that is full of admiration and beauty.

Glow – A soft, warm light; emanating radiance.

Glowing – A bright and luminous light that radiates from within.

Goodness – The state or quality of being morally right; virtue.

Goodwill – Friendly feelings for another person; showing kindness.

Gorgeous – Extremely attractive and appealing beauty.

Gorgeousness – Extremely attractive and appealing beauty.

Grace – Elegance, beauty and charm.

Graceful – Moving with elegance, poise and style.

Gracious – Showing kindness, politeness and courtesy.

Grandeur – Magnificence or impressiveness in appearance, size or style.

Grandiose – Impressive or imposing because of uncommon magnitude, extent, or grandeur.

Grateful – Showing appreciation for something that has been done for you.

Gratefulness – Showing appreciation for being given something.

Gratify – To please, satisfy or appease someone.

Gratitude – Being thankful for the blessings one has received in life.

Grazing – Lightly touching or caressing someone in an affectionate manner.

Greatness – The quality or condition of being impressive, extraordinary or excellent.

Guardian – Someone who looks out for you and protects you from harm.

Guidance – Advice and direction given to someone about how to make a decision or take action.

Guiding – Providing direction and advice to help someone make a decision or take action.


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