Romantic Words That Start With O (With Definitions)

When thinking of romantic words that start with O, some of the most obvious (g-rated) choices may include ‘one and only‘. However, there are many more that can be used to express your love for someone.

‘Openness’ is a word associated with showing trust, honesty, and vulnerability in relationships, which is essential for romance. Another great romantic word is ‘oath’, which symbolizes a promise of commitment and loyalty.

If you’re looking for a romantic O word, then this great list of options and their definitions will help:


Romantic Words That Start With O

Romantic Words That Start With O


Oasis: A place of refuge and tranquillity where two people can be together in peace and harmony.

Oath: symbolizes a promise of commitment and loyalty.

Obligation: A responsibility felt between two people that must be honored and respected.

Obsession: An intense passion for someone or something that consumes one’s thoughts, desires, and actions.

Offer: A gesture of kindness or generosity made to another person as an expression of love.

Ogle: To look at someone with admiration and desire that is often quite obvious.

One and only: A phrase used to express the feeling of being truly and deeply in love with another person.

Oneness: The feeling that two people have become one in harmony and understanding.

Oozing: Showing an overflowing amount of love and affection for someone else without inhibition or restraint.

Opalescent: Sparkling and radiant, like a beautiful gemstone.

Optimism: Having a positive outlook and believing that anything is possible with effort and dedication.

Optimistic: Believing that with the right effort and dedication, anything is possible.

Opulence: An abundance of wealth, luxury, and comfort that is truly breathtaking.

Opulent: Lavish and luxurious, with an abundance of wealth and riches.

Oratorio: A beautiful and powerful piece of music that speaks to your heart in ways words can’t express.

Organic: Pure and natural, like a relationship formed without any outside influences or expectations.

Ornament: A beautiful decoration or adornment that serves to enhance the beauty of something else.

Ornate: Highly decorated in a beautiful or elaborate way.

Osculate: The act of kissing lovingly and tenderly.

Ostentatious: Showy and extravagant in a way that is meant to attract attention.

Outlandish: Unconventional, wild, and extraordinary in a delightful way.

Outpouring: An abundant flow of emotion, usually of love and affection.

Outrageous: Doing something unexpected and daring that is sure to surprise and delight others.

Ovation: An expression of joy, happiness, or admiration for another person.

Overjoyed: Filled with great happiness and joy beyond measure.

Overwhelm: To fill someone up with so much emotion that they can hardly contain it.


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