Romantic Words That Start With C (With Definitions)

This list of romantic words that start with C is a great way to express feelings and show appreciation for someone special.

From commitment, to comfort, cuddles, cute and communication – these words can be used in cards, letters, or any other form of communication to let that special person know just how much they mean to you.

Whether it’s a word of endearment, an expression of admiration or gratitude, or simply an act of kindness, these words will surely make the other person feel loved and cherished.

Romantic Words That Start With C

List of Romantic Words that Start with C:


Calm: A peaceful, tranquil state of mind; a sense of serenity and well-being.

Candescent: Shining brightly and radiating warmth and love.

Candor: Speaking honestly and openly; being sincere in your thoughts and feelings.

Canoodling: Affectionate snuggling or intimate caressing; showing tenderness through physical contact.

Captivating: Engaging someone’s attention so completely that they are held spellbound; enchanting and mesmerizing.

Caress: A gentle touch that expresses love or romantic feelings for another person.

Caring: A genuine concern and willingness to help someone in need; a kind and loving attitude towards another person.

Carnal: Of or relating to physical pleasure or desire; passionate and intimate.

Charismatic: Possessing a strong personal charm; having a captivating, magnetic personality.

Cheerful: Being in good spirits; exhibiting cheer, optimism, and joyfulness.

Cherish: To feel deep affection and care for someone or something special; to treasure and protect them from harm.

Cherished: To feel deep admiration and affection for someone or something special; to have them held in high esteem.

Cherishing: Treating someone or something with love and affection; nurturing it in the right way.

Cherub: An angelic being, someone who is naturally sweet and kind.

Cherubic: A sweet, innocent-looking person who is endearingly cute.

Chivalrous: Behaving in a manner that is polite, respectful and honorable towards women; displaying gallant behavior.

Choice: The opportunity to make a decision between different options; the power of choice.

Choose: The act of making a decision; to pick something from several possibilities.

Classy: Stylish and elegant; exhibiting a sense of taste and refinement.

Cognizance: An awareness and understanding of something, allowing one to make informed decisions.

Comfort: To provide warmth and security; to make someone feel safe, content and reassured.

Comfortable: Feeling relaxed, secure, and accepted by another person; a feeling of familiarity.

Comforting: Giving someone emotional or mental support in times of difficulty; providing a sense of security and reassurance.

Commendable: Deserving of praise and admiration; praiseworthy or admirable.

Commitment: A dedication that is unwavering; staying true to something regardless of the circumstances.

Committed: To have an enduring and strong connection with someone; to strive together to reach a common goal.

Communicative: Sharing information, feelings and thoughts through conversation; being open and honest.

Communion: A deep spiritual connection established between two people, leading to a shared sense of unity.

Companionship: A bond between two people or a group; feeling of camaraderie, security and trust.

Compassion: Sharing another person’s pain or distress with understanding; empathizing with their suffering.

Compassionate: Feeling empathy and sympathy for another’s suffering, providing comfort and understanding.

Compatible: Being able to work together well; having similar interests, beliefs or outlooks on life.

Compatriots: Two people who share the same values, beliefs and goals; two people who are of like mind.

Compelling: Having the power to draw someone’s attention with great force; irresistibly attractive or fascinating.

Completeness: Having everything one needs to be content and satisfied; feeling complete.

Complimentary: Expressing admiration or approval of someone; expressing appreciation for what someone has done.

Comradery: A close bond between two people, built on trust and understanding.

Conciliatory: Seeking or striving to maintain peace and harmony; attempting to resolve disputes peacefully.

Concord: Harmony or agreement between people; a peaceful relationship.

Confidant: A trusted person who listens without judgement and offers advice or emotional support.

Confide: To speak in secret, trusting someone else with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Confident: Feeling sure of oneself and one’s abilities; being optimistic and self-assured.

Congenial: Having similar interests, attitudes, or temperaments; getting along in a pleasant way.

Connected: A feeling of being emotionally close to someone; having a strong bond.

Connection: A strong bond between two or more people; a powerful link that brings them closer together.

Conscientious: Being mindful of the feelings and thoughts of others; showing consideration and thoughtfulness.

Considerate: Thinking about the needs of others before oneself; taking into account the feelings of those around you.

Consolation: Something that brings comfort to another during a time of pain, sorrow or distress.

Consoling: Offering words of comfort and understanding; providing emotional support in a time of need.

Consonance: The pleasing effect of two or more things coming together harmoniously; agreement.

Consort: To be in a close, loving relationship with someone; to spend time together in harmony.

Constant: Always staying the same; loyal and faithful in one’s thoughts and actions.

Consummate: Perfectly fulfilling, complete and satisfying; the utmost level or degree of something.

Consummation: The realization of a perfect union or ideal state; the completion of a goal.

Contentment: A sense of joy, peace, and satisfaction in life; the feeling of being completely fulfilled.

Convivial: Enjoying the company of others, especially in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Cordial: A warm, friendly feeling between two people that is expressed through words or actions.

Cordiality: Demonstrating sincere friendliness or politeness; expressing kindness in one’s words and deeds.

Cosmic: The feeling of being deeply connected to the universe, to all living things, and to each other.

Cosseting: To cuddle, nurture and show extra care to someone; to protect them from harm.

Courage: The ability to confront fear or difficulty despite being scared; having strength and determination.

Courageous: Having or displaying courage; brave in facing danger or difficulty.

Courteous: Showing politeness and respect in one’s interactions with others; being considerate of their feelings.

Cozy: To feel comfortable, safe, and secure in the presence of another person.

Creative: Using imagination, originality and thinking outside the box; producing something unique.

Cuddle: To hold someone close in your arms, as a sign of affection and love.

Cuddly: Enjoying physical closeness with someone, such as hugs and cuddles; feeling content in their embrace.

Curiosity: An eagerness to learn or explore something new; an inquisitive outlook.

Cute: Attractively endearing; appealing and sweet in an innocent way.


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