Romantic Words That Start With J (With Definitions)

The list of romantic words that start with I is fairly short. However, there is a lot of joy, joking and jubilation that can still occur when thinking of romantic I words.

Romantic Words That Start With J

List of Romantic Words that Start with J:


Jest: To make jokes; to joke around in a light-hearted way.

Jewellery: Ornaments made from precious metals and stones worn as decoration. Often jewellery can have sentimental meaning.

Jocosity: Humor or playfulness.

Jocund: Cheerful, lively, and light-hearted.

Joie de Vivre: A French phrase meaning “joy of living”; the enjoyment of life and all its pleasures.

Jovial: Being cheerful, lively, and good-humored.

Joviality: A cheerful attitude; being optimistic and good-natured.

Joy: An intense feeling of pleasure or delight.

Joyful: Feeling great joy and happiness.

Joyous: A feeling of intense happiness and delight.

Jubilation: Extreme joy or happiness, especially when expressed outwardly.

Jubilee: A special anniversary or celebration, usually marking the passage of time.

Judicious: Showing good judgment; wise.

Juggernaut: An unstoppable force or phenomenon.

Juicy: Full of juice and flavor; luscious.


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