Romantic Words That Start With E (With Definitions)

Romantic words that start with E may include expressions of love and admiration, as well as feelings of joy and elation.

No matter what reason you’re looking for a romantic word for, there is likely an emotion or sentiment with an “E” that can be used to express it. Examples include esteem, enamor, exuberance, exquisite, excitement and enduring love.

Romantic Words That Start With E

List of Romantic Words that Start with E:


Ebullience – a feeling of strong enthusiasm and excitement.

Ecstasy – an overwhelming feeling of joy or delight.

Elation – a feeling of great joy, pride and excitement.

Elegance – having beauty, grace, and refinement in looks or behavior.

Eloquent – expressing oneself easily, clearly, and effectively.

Embrace – taking someone into one’s arms as an expression of affection or greeting.

Emotion – a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Enamor – to captivate and charm someone with a magical spell of love.

Enamored – deeply attracted, captivated and filled with admiration.

Enchant – to fill someone with delight and fascination.

Enchanting – bewitchingly beautiful; captivatingly attractive.

Enchantment – a captivating or magical spell of beauty and delight.

Endearing – attractive in a charming or lovable way; inspiring love and affection.

Endearment – the action of causing someone to feel loved and cherished.

Endless – having no end; infinite.

Enduring – lasting a long time; persistent and steadfast over time.

Engagement – an agreement between two people to marry each other.

Engrossed – absorbed completely in something; fully occupied with an activity.

Engulfed – to surround and swallow up something completely.

Enhancement – to make better in quality; improve.

Enigma – something mysterious, puzzling, or inexplicable.

Enlightenment – gaining insight and understanding; acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Enthralling – captivating and fascinating in a way that is hard to resist.

Enthusiasm – a strong feeling of excitement and eagerness; passionate interest.

Enticement – a temptation that is hard to resist; an appeal made to attract or charm.

Enticing – captivatingly attractive; appealing in a way that is hard to resist.

Epiphany – a moment of sudden and great revelation.

Epitome – an ideal example or perfect embodiment of something.

Essence – the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract.

Esteem – to hold someone or something in high regard, honor.

Eternity – an infinite amount of time.

Ethereal – having an unearthly lightness or delicacy.

Euphonious – having a pleasant sound; melodious.

Euphoria – a feeling of intense happiness and well-being.

Everlasting – lasting forever; eternal.

Evermore – for all future time; forever.

Evoke – to call up feelings or memories.

Exalt – to raise in rank, character or status; glorify with praise.

Exaltation – to praise highly or glorify someone or something.

Exalting – praising someone or something in an enthusiastic manner.

Excitement – a state of intense emotion, anticipation and pleasure.

Explosion – an outburst of emotion, sudden feelings or intense activity.

Expressions – the act or manner of conveying one’s thoughts or feelings.

Exquisite – extraordinarily fine, delicate or skilfully made; exquisite beauty.

Exquisiteness – the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance or manner.

Extol – to highly praise or glorify someone or something.

Exuberance – an abundance of energy and enthusiasm; joyousness.


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