Romantic Words That Start With I (With Definitions)

When we think of romantic words that start with I, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘I love you.

However, there are so many other romantic words beginning with I that can be used to express your love for someone.

Here is a more in-depth list of some of the most romantic words that start with I, along with their definitions.

Romantic Words That Start With I

List of Romantic Words that Start with I:


Iconic: widely recognized and well-established; legendary.

Idolize: to love someone so much that you think of them as perfect in every way.

Idyllic: representing an ideal state of happiness, beauty, and peacefulness.

Illuminating: providing clarity and understanding; enlightening.

Imaginative: having the ability to create new concepts and ideas.

Immeasurable: too great or extreme to be measured.

Immortal: living forever; never-ending.

Immortalize: to make something or someone remembered forever.

Impeccable: flawless, perfect in every way.

Impeccably: in a perfect manner; faultlessly.

Incandescent: glowing with emotion or beauty.

Incomparable: having no equal; beyond comparison.

Incredible: too good to be believed; amazing.

Indelible: impossible to remove or forget.

Indisputable: beyond doubt or argument; unquestionable.

Indulgent: generous or lenient in attitude; tolerant.

Ineffable: too great or extreme to be expressed in words.

Infatuation: a strong, often short-lived feeling of love or admiration.

Inimitable: so special or unusual that it cannot be imitated or copied.​

Innate: existing from birth; natural.

Inseparable: impossible to separate or come apart.

Insight: an accurate and deep understanding of something.

Insightful: having or showing a clear understanding of something.

Inspirational: providing someone with the enthusiasm and motivation to do something great.

Inspired: created or produced by divine or supernatural influence.

Intangible: unable to be touched or grasped; elusive.

Intelligent: possessing or exhibiting great knowledge or understanding.

Intense: of great force, strength, or power.

Intensely: with great force, power, or passion.

Intimacy: a close, affectionate connection with someone.

Intimate: extremely close, familiar, and affectionate.

Intoxicating: having a strong, exciting, and often delightful effect on the emotions.

Intrepid: having great courage, strength, and determination.

Intuitive: having a natural ability to understand things without needing conscious reasoning.

Intune: in agreement or harmony with each other.

Invaluable: so important that it cannot be measured in terms of money.

Inventive: having an imagination that creates new ideas and concepts.

Invigorating: giving strength, energy, and enthusiasm.

Invincible: too powerful to be defeated or overcome.

Inviting: attractive and inviting; tempting.

Invulnerable: impossible to harm or damage in any way.​

Iridescent: displaying a range of bright, changing colors like those of the rainbow.

Irresistible: so attractive that it is impossible to resist.


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