Romantic Words That Start With F (With Definitions)

These romantic words that start with F are powerful and can be used to convey your feelings of love, admiration, respect, and passion.

Whether it’s a way to express love, admiration, gratitude or even just appreciation for someone special in your life, these terms can help you articulate your feelings.

Romantic Words That Start With F

List of Romantic Words that Start with F:


Fabulous: Extraordinary; remarkable.

Faith: Confidence or trust in a person or thing.

Faithful: Loyal, reliable and devoted to someone or something.

Fanciful: Imaginative, fanciful, or whimsical in nature.

Fancy: A pleasurable imagination or an attractive emotion.

Fantasize: To imagine something in great detail.

Fantastic: Extraordinary; remarkable.

Fantasy: The imaginative creation of a world different from reality.

Fascinate: To fill (someone) with wonder or admiration; charm and captivate.

Fascinating: Extremely interesting and attractive.

Fascination: An intense interest in something or someone.

Fervent: Having or showing great ardor and intensity of feeling.

Fervently: With great ardor and intensity of feeling; passionately.

Fervid: Burning with intense emotion and passion.

Fervidly: With great ardor and intensity of feeling; passionately.

Fervor: Strong and passionate feeling; enthusiasm.

Fetish: An object of intense, irrational devotion or admiration.

Fidelity: Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief; loyalty.

Flair: A special talent for doing something, often with style and grace.

Flattered: Pleased and flattered by someone’s admiration or attention.

Flirt: To behave as though one is attracted to or trying to attract someone but in a playful manner.

Flirtatious: Behaving so as to be suggestive of interest.

Flourish: To thrive or be successful; to grow luxuriantly.

Flutter: To cause (someone) to feel sudden excitement, pleasure, and surprise.

Fond: Showing or expressing love and affection.

Fondle: To stroke, caress and handle tenderly and lovingly.

Fondly: With love, devotion, and affection.

Fondness: A gentle affection or liking; tenderness.

Forever: For all time; for eternity.

Forevermore: For all time; for eternity.

Forsaking: To abandon or renounce something, typically a belief or way of life.

Fortitude: Strength of mind that enables someone to face and endure pain or adversity with courage.

Fortuitous: Happening by chance, without any specific cause or purpose.

Fragrance: A distinctive, pleasant, and sweet smell.

Fragrant: Having a pleasant smell; sweet-smelling.

Friendly:  Kind, genial and showing goodwill.

Friendship: A relationship between two people marked by warmth, trust, and understanding.

Frisky: Playful, lively, and energetic; full of life.

Frisson: An intense shiver of excitement.

Frolic: To act in a playful, mischievous manner.

Frolicsome: Lively and cheerful; playful.

Fulfilment: A sense of completion or satisfaction.

Fun: Enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.

Fun-loving: Showing an inclination for enjoyment and pleasure.


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