60+ Negative Words Starting With G (With Definitions)

A list of negative words starting with G.

These words can be used for a variety of uses, but all have a negative meaning and connotation around them. They can be used to describe a person, situation, or thing. They may be a negative way of doing something or describe a bad behavior or attitude.

Negative Words Starting With g

List of Negative Words Starting With G


Gaffe: An embarrassing mistake or blunder.

Gainsay: To deny or oppose something strongly.

Gangster: A criminal who is part of an organized crime syndicate.

Gaslighting: Manipulating someone by psychological means in order to gain power over them.

Gawk: To stare in a foolish manner.

Ghastly: Appalling or shocking in a way that causes fear and revulsion.

Gibbering: Talking rapidly but in a disorganized manner.

Glib: Using words easily to create an impression, without considering their accuracy.

Glibber: Speaking in an overly confident or carefree manner.

Glibness: Speaking in a condescending or overly confident manner.

Gloat: To take pleasure in the misfortune of others.

Glower: To look at someone with an angry or menacing expression.

Glowering: Looking at someone menacingly with an unfriendly expression.

Glum: Feeling sad and miserable.

Gnarl: A twisted knot of wood or metal, usually found on trees.

Goad: To provoke or urge someone to do something, often in a hostile manner.

Gory: Something that is gruesome, horrific, or covered in blood.

Gossip: Unverified stories or rumors about the behavior of other people.

Gouge: To take unfair advantage of someone by charging too much for something.

Grabby: Taking things without permission or consent.

Graceless: Unskilful, clumsy, or awkward.

Graphomania: An obsessive compulsion to write excessively.

Grating: Something that is so unpleasant it causes physical pain or discomfort.

Greedy: Having a strong desire for more than is necessary, often accompanied by an unwillingness to share.

Grievance: An expression of dissatisfaction or injustice experienced by a person or group.

Grievous: Causing great pain or suffering.

Grievousness: The severity of a situation or misfortune.

Grim: Very serious, dark, or depressing.

Grimace: A facial expression of disgust or disapproval.

Grimy: Dirty and coated with grime.

Grinder: Someone who works extremely hard and with great determination.

Grindingly: In a relentless, tedious manner.

Gripe: To complain constantly about something.

Grisly: Something horrifying or disgusting.

Gristle: Tough and chewy connective tissue found in muscle meat.

Groan: To make a deep sound expressing pain, sorrow, or disapproval.

Grossly: Excessively and unpleasantly.

Grotesque: Something so ugly or strange it is hard to look at.

Grotty: Something repulsive or of low quality.

Grouch: A bad-tempered person, who is constantly complaining.

Grouse: To complain in a tiresome or aggressive manner.

Grovelling: Crawling around on the ground, often to show submissiveness.

Grubby: Dirty and unpleasant looking.

Grudge: Holding a resentment towards someone for a perceived wrong done to you.

Grudgeful: Feeling full of resentment and animosity towards someone.

Grudging: Reluctantly and unwillingly.

Grudgingly: Reluctantly and unwillingly.

Grueling: Extremely taxing and demanding.

Gruesome: Something horrifying or disgusting.

Gruffly: In an unfriendly manner, often with a growling sound.

Grumble: To complain in a low, muttering voice.

Grumbling: Complaining in a low, muttering voice.

Grumpy: Bad-tempered, irritable, and cantankerous.

Gruntle: To make someone less angry or disgruntled.

Guile: Deceitfulness or craftiness in the way someone behaves.

Guileless: Lacking cunning and deceit.

Gullibility: Easily tricked due to naivety or lack of knowledge.

Gullible: Easily deceived or tricked.

Gushy: Excessively sentimental and emotional.

Gutless: Lacking courage or determination.


list of negative words that start with g

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