Unique 6 Letter Words

Below is a list of the more unique 6 letter words we could find.

These six-letter words can be considered unique because they either sound interesting, have a distinctive meaning, or offer a linguistic rhythm that stands out in conversation and writing.

Their sound, meaning or connotation makes them versatile in both everyday language and word games.

unique 6 letter words

Unique 6 Letter Words

  • Adrift – Floating without control; off course.
  • Ablaze – Burning fiercely; on fire.
  • Baffle – To confuse or bewilder.
  • Brevet – A military rank conferred for outstanding service.
  • Cachet – A distinguishing mark or seal; prestige.
  • Crisps – Thin slices of potato fried until crunchy.
  • Dawdle – To waste time; to loiter or move slowly.
  • Dredge – To clean, deepen, or widen a waterway.
  • Elicit – To draw out or evoke.
  • Engulf – To surround or cover completely.
  • Fickle – Likely to change frequently; unpredictable.
  • Flagon – A large container for drinks.
  • Gabble – To talk rapidly or unintelligibly.
  • Grinds – Crush or break something into small particles.
  • Hassle – Annoying routine or petty inconvenience.
  • Hinged – Attached with a flexible joint.
  • Influx – A flowing in, especially of people or things.
  • Infuse – To steep in liquid to extract flavors or medicinal properties.
  • Jigsaw – A puzzle consisting of pieces that fit together to form a picture.
  • Joules – Units of energy in the International System of Units.
  • Klaxon – An electric horn or warning device.
  • Kneads – To work and press (dough or clay) into a uniform mixture.
  • Lagoon – A shallow body of water separated from the sea.
  • Lender – A person or organization that provides funds.
  • Molted – Shed old feathers, hair, or skin.
  • Mosaic – A picture or pattern produced by arranging small colored pieces.
  • Nicker – A soft noise made by a horse.
  • Nuzzle – To push or rub gently against another object.
  • Orchid – A plant with complex flowers.
  • Outlay – An amount of money spent on something.
  • Paunch – A large, protruding belly; stomach.
  • Pewter – A gray alloy of tin with other metals.
  • Quartz – A hard mineral composed of silica.
  • Quiver – A case for holding arrows; to tremble or shake.
  • Rabble – A disorderly crowd; a mob.
  • Ritual – A set of fixed actions performed regularly.
  • Sachet – A small perfumed bag used to scent clothes.
  • Skewer – A long pin for holding meat in place while it is cooked.
  • Thwart – To prevent someone from accomplishing something.
  • Tocsin – An alarm bell or signal.
  • Ungain – Not graceful; clumsy.
  • Uptick – A small increase or upward trend.
  • Vaults – Secure rooms for valuables; also, to leap or spring.
  • Visage – A person’s face, with reference to the form or proportions.
  • Waddle – To walk with short steps, swaying from side to side.
  • Writhe – To twist or bend the body about, or squirm.
  • Xenial – Relating to hospitality; friendly to strangers.
  • Yawing – An oscillating movement of a ship or aircraft.
  • Yeasty – Relating to, containing, or resembling yeast.
  • Zephyr – A gentle, mild breeze.

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