Cool Words That Start With J (With Definitions)

This list of cool words that start with J are unique and a little quirky.

The English language is full of cool and unusual words that start with J, from jamboree to jactitation, from jade to jalousie.

In this article, we’ll explore a long list of some of the most fascinating and distinctive words that start with J, with a brief definition of each.

cool words that start with j

Cool Words That Start With J

Jabberwocky: A fictional monster in Lewis Carroll’s poem of the same name.

Jaboticaba: A small, grape-like fruit native to South America.

Jacaranda: A tree with purple flowers native to tropical and subtropical regions.

Jack-knife: A type of folding knife with a single blade that folds into the handle.

Jackpot: A large prize or sum of money won in a game of chance.

Jactitation: Boastful or exaggerated talk or behavior.

Jacuzzi: A brand name for a type of whirlpool bath or hot tub.

Jade: A hard, green gemstone often used in jewellery.

Jaded: Feeling bored, tired, or lacking enthusiasm due to overexposure to something.

Jagged: Having rough, irregular edges or points.

Jalopy: A dilapidated, old car.

Jalousie: A type of window or door with slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light and ventilation.

Jam: A sweet spread made from fruit and sugar.

Jambalaya: A Creole dish made with rice, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Jamboree: A large, festive gathering or celebration.

Jamming: The practice of disrupting radio or other electronic signals.

Jangle: A harsh, discordant sound.

Janitor: A person who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining a building.

Jape: A playful or humorous trick or joke.

Jar: A container, typically made of glass or pottery, used for storing food or liquids.

Jargon: Specialized language used by a particular group or profession.

Jasmine: A fragrant flower often used in perfumes and teas.

Jaunt: A short journey for pleasure or leisure.

Javelin: A spear used in athletic competitions.

Jawbreaker: A hard candy that is difficult to bite or chew.

Jaywalk: To cross a street or road in a reckless or illegal manner.

Jazz: A type of music characterized by improvisation and syncopated rhythms.

Jazzercize: A dance-fitness program that incorporates jazz dance and aerobics.

Jealous: Feeling or showing envy or possessiveness.

Jeer: To make rude or mocking remarks.

Jell: To congeal or solidify into a jelly-like substance.

Jelly: A soft, gelatinous substance made from fruit juice and sugar.

Jellyfish: A marine animal with a gelatinous, umbrella-shaped body and trailing tentacles.

Jentacular: Relating to breakfast or eaten at breakfast.

Jeremiad: A long, mournful complaint or lamentation.

Jerk: A sudden, sharp movement or pull.

Jersey: A type of knit fabric used for clothing, especially sports jerseys.

Jester: A professional clown or entertainer.

Jetlag: A condition characterized by fatigue, sleepiness, and other symptoms caused by travel across multiple time zones.

Jet: A rapid stream of liquid or gas.

Jewel: A precious stone, typically one cut into a faceted shape and set in jewellery.

Jeweller: A person who designs, makes, or sells jewellery.

Jewellery: Objects, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, that are worn as adornments.

Jib: The triangular sail at the front of a sailing vessel.

Jibe: To agree or be in harmony with something.

Jiffy: A very short period of time.

Jig: A lively dance or a device used for guiding a tool or workpiece during machining.

Jigsaw: A puzzle consisting of many small, irregularly shaped pieces that fit together to form a picture.

Jilt: To reject or abandon someone, especially a romantic partner.

Jingle: A short, catchy tune used in advertising or as a signature sound.

Jitterbug: A fast, energetic dance style popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Jocular: Humorous or playful in nature.

Jocund: Cheerful and light-hearted.

Jodhpurs: Tight-fitting pants worn for horseback riding.

Joggle: To shake slightly or jog along unevenly.

Jollity: Cheerfulness and merriment.

Jolt: To give a sudden, sharp shock or bump.

Jovial: Friendly, cheerful, and good-humored.

Joyous: Full of joy or happiness.

Jubilation: A feeling of great happiness or triumph.

Juggernaut: An overwhelming force or object that is unstoppable.

Jukebox: A coin-operated machine that plays music when a selection is made.

Jumpstart: To start a vehicle’s engine by using an external power source.

Jumpy: Nervous, anxious, or easily startled.

Jungle: A dense, tropical forest with lush vegetation.

Jurisdiction: The power or authority to make legal decisions and judgments.


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