Words To Describe – Lists of Describing Words & Adjectives

We use words to describe people and things constantly each day.

These words can be very powerful and help us get our point across. Without the use of adjectives and describing words, how we explain something would not be as effective. 

What Are Describing Words?

Describing words are words that help explain and add information about people, places, things, emotions or situations. Describing words add extra detail, depth and feeling to written or spoken text.

Descriptive words can help to paint a picture for a reader and make them feel like they are right there in the scene. In person, describing words can help to add context and allow empathy and understanding between people.

It is important however, to remember that describing words are subjective – subject to interpretation and based on individual opinion. In addition, the same word can mean different things to different people because of their experiences and backgrounds with that word.


Why Do We Use Describing Words?

Using descriptive words is important for understanding and communication between people. 

In written texts, describing words allow the reader to understand what is happening in the story we are telling them and can evoke emotion in others.

If we try to explain something that happened with a dog, we could say , “The dog was running,” but that doesn’t really give the reader a good idea of what was happening or how it impacted you at the time.

However, if we say, “The huge, wild dog ran quickly towards me,” then the reader has a much better idea of what took place. It helps bring the scene to life for them, and they will better understand the feelings and emotions that were felt, as well as the depth of the situation.

Describing words can provide context and depth to written and verbal communications.

Are Describing Words and Adjectives The Same?

Yes. Descriptive words are adjectives. Adjectives describe people, places, things, or emotions and they help paint a picture for the reader.

Adjectives, descriptive words and describing words are all interchangeable.

What Are Some Examples Of Descriptive Words?

Some examples of descriptive words may include sizes, shapes, speed, sounds, tastes, textures, colors, appearance, numbers, genres, and weathers – just to name a few!

Describing Words List

When we are looking for words to describe particular people or things, it can be helpful to consider long lists of descriptive words in alphabetical order from A-Z. That way, we can consider each option in relation to the individual context of what we are describing and find an adjective that fits well.

Always remember to consider the definition of a word, the context in which you are using the word and the ‘audience’ with whom you are sharing it with.

For lists of useful describing words related to particular topics, consider:

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