Nice Words To Say To A Friend

Want to share some nice words with a friend? Show your appreciation, encourage them, express your support for them or offer a funny, yet nice thank you?

There are so many ways to show your appreciation, encourage and support a friend, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to say.

Here are some of our favorite nice words to say to a good friend. You can speak them, text them, dm them or scream them from the mountaintops. Nothing cheesy, I promise!:

Words To Show Your Appreciation for A Friend

There are so many reasons to be grateful for our good friends. They make life more fun, interesting, and meaningful. Here are some words of appreciation to let your friends know just how much they mean to you:

  • Thank you for always being there for me.
  • I appreciate you.
  • Your friendship means a lot to me.
  • You are awesome. I hope you know that.
  • I’m so grateful we have each other.
  • I’m truly honored to be your friend.
  • I don’t know what I would do without you.
  • You are a great friend.
  • You are the best friend I could have ever hoped for.
  • That really meant a lot to me.
  • Thank you for your support.
  • You are a treasure.
  • That really meant a lot to me.
  • You are one of the best things in my life.
  • I value you so much.
  • I am a better person because of you.
  • You are the best person I know.
  • You give me courage when I most need it.

Words To Encourage a Friend

When we truly know our friend, we can come to understand the best ways to encourage them. Do they need ‘tough love’ words of encouragement? Or do they need gentle nudge – a reminder that they are strong, and that they’ve completely got this?

These sayings can help:


  • You’ve got this.
  • I’ve seen you do harder things before. You can do this.
  • It always works out in the end.
  • We’ve got this. Together.
  • You can do hard things.
  • How can I help?
  • I wish I even had half the strength that you do.
  • We will work it out.
  • Let’s make a plan.
  • What can I do?
  • There’s nobody smarter/better/more suited that you.
  • When one door closes, another will open.
  • Remember ‘such and such’ happening? Yeah, well you can conquer this too.
  • You’ve been working so hard towards this, it’s yours!
  • I 100% believe in you.
  • You will smash this.
  • Go get ‘em.
  • I’m so proud of you.
  • You should be so proud of yourself.
  • This is going to be a ‘walk in the park’ for you.
  • You are the bravest person I know.
  • I know nothing can stop you.

Nice Words to Show Support for A Friend

When words seem to fail, a simple gesture of kindness can often speak louder than any words ever could.

A hug, a pat on the back, or even just a smile can show your friend how much you care and mean everything to them. No matter what, just remember that your presence is the best gift of all.

  • I’m going to do x, y or z (replace with something you can take off their plate right away).
  • I’m right here for you.
  • I will be right over.
  • Call me any time.
  • I’m just a call/text away.
  • You’ve got this.
  • We’ve got this.
  • Let’s brainstorm this and make a plan.
  • Let’s do a pros and cons list.
  • The dust will settle, and you will get through this.
  • Their loss, not yours.
  • I know it might not seem like it right now, but it will work out in the end.
  • You are the strongest person I know. 


Funny but Nice Words to Say to A Friend

Depending on your friendship with the person, it can be great to express your appreciation of them in a funny way, such as:


  • I don’t appreciate your common-sense advice right now 😊
  • Why do you always have to be right?
  • Urgh, you’re so annoyingly perfect 😊
  • I love it how you go along with my crazy plans.
  • Just imagine the trouble I would be in without you as my friend 😊
  • I know you will bail me out.
  • When one door closes, I will help you smash out a new one.
  • Thanks for listening to my irrational rant – and pretending its completely sane 😊
  • Who do I need to beat up?

There are all sorts of things you can say to a friend to show them you care. Sometimes, the simplest things mean the most. If you’re interested in more positive words, be sure to check out:

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