Cool Words That Start With B (With Definitions)

Cool words are those words that are unique, have an interesting definition or simply just sound cool when you say them.

They might be derived from a foreign language or have an interesting origin or story behind them.

Cool words can be used to mix up your conversation or writing and can allow you to express yourself in a more creative way. They can also help you to stand out from the crowd.

Below is a list of cool words that all start with the letter B, with a brief definition for each.

cool words that start with B

Cool Words That Start With B

Bacchanalian: wild and drunken, often used to describe parties or festivals.

Balmy: soothing or mild, often used to describe weather conditions.

Bamboozle: to deceive or cheat.

Baroque: highly ornate and elaborate in style, often used to describe art or architecture.


Bawdy: humorously indecent or vulgar, often used to describe language or behavior.

Beatific: blissfully happy or contented, often used to describe a smile or expression.

Beguiling: charming or enchanting, often used to describe a person or experience.

Bellicose: demonstrating aggression or a willingness to fight.


Belligerent: hostile, aggressive, or ready to fight.

Beloved: deeply loved or cherished, often used to describe a person or object.

Benevolent: well-meaning and kindly.

Benign: gentle, kind, or harmless.


Berate: to scold or criticize someone angrily.

Bespoke: made to order or customized.

Bestow: to confer or give an honor or gift upon someone.

Bewildered: completely puzzled or confused.


Bewitching: enchanting or fascinating, often in a mysterious way.

Biased: unfairly prejudiced for or against something or someone.

Bioluminescence: the emission of light by living organisms.

Bizarre: very strange or unusual, often in an unsettling way.


Blasé: unimpressed or indifferent to something, often due to overexposure.

Blatant: done openly and unashamedly, often without regard for others.

Bliss: extreme happiness or joy.

Blissful: extremely happy or joyful.


Blithe: showing a casual and cheerful indifference or unconcern.

Boisterous: noisy, energetic, and cheerful, often used to describe groups of people.

Bombastic: high-sounding but with little meaning, often used to impress others.

Bombinate: to make a buzzing or humming sound, often used to describe bees or other insects.


Bonanza: a sudden and unexpected source of great wealth or good fortune.

Boondoggle: a project that is considered a waste of time and money, often used to describe government projects.

Bougie: upscale or high-class, often used to describe someone who is pretentious or trying too hard to be trendy.

Brazen: bold and without shame, often used to describe behavior or actions.


Brethren: members of a particular group or community, often used to describe religious or fraternal organizations.

Brisk: lively, energetic, and quick, often used to describe movement or activity.

Brobdingnagian: extremely large or gigantic.

Bucolic: relating to the countryside or rural life, often used to describe scenery or landscapes.


Bumptious: obtrusively self-assertive or pompous.

Burnish: to polish or shine, often used to describe metal surfaces.

Buttress: a support or reinforcement, often used to describe a physical structure.

Byzantine: complicated or convoluted, often referring to bureaucratic systems or processes.


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