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Why You Should Never Settle Quotes

The following quotes are all about why you should never settle in life – with a job, a habit, a friendship, a relationship or a situation.

What is ‘settling for less‘?

Settling for less means accepting something that doesn’t match your expectations, hopes or dreams.

It doesn’t always mean giving up, but it often means accepting less than you need, want or deserve.

It’s ‘good enough’. But it’s still not enough.

Why you shouldn’t settle for less

Settling for less is never enough, because it leaves far too much room for doubt, resentment and feeling unfulfilled.

When we settle for less in a job, a friendship or a relationship, we compromise our self-respect, self-worth and confidence.

It is vital that we never let fear, insecurity or doubt dictate our lives because the results are never as fulfilling or rewarding in the long run.

The following quotes are inspiring and encouraging to keep us all on our toes and not settling for less in life. Enjoy.


Never Settle Quotes


“Do the math: You never settle for less than the whole if you knew the half.” Talib Kweli


“Don’t settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something.” Ashton Kutcher


“If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives.” Vince Lombardi


“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” Thomas Merton


“Relationships: If you put up with it, you’re going to end up with it. Set the standard you want and don’t settle for less.” Steve Maraboli


“Please don’t settle, it will only corrode your soul and you will never be the best version of yourself.” Lebo Grand


“For most of us, the great danger is not that we will renounce our faith. It is that we will become so distracted and rushed and preoccupied that we will settle for a mediocre version of it. We will just skim our lives instead of actually living them.” John Ortberg


“Never settle for anything less than your best.” Brian Tracy


“And because I believe I deserve that much; I can’t settle for less.” Nitya Prakash


“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela


“Once you discover your happy place where you can be you, you will never settle for just any old space ever again.” Christine E. Szymanski


“Don’t settle for mediocrity; never let good enough be good enough.” Joel Osteen


“Don’t settle for relationships that won’t let you be yourself.” Oprah Winfrey


“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” Maureen Dowd


“There is only one real sin, and that is to persuade oneself that the second-best is anything but the second-best.” Doris Lessing


“Who you are is what you settle for, you know?” Janis Joplin


“To my fellow women: “Please don’t settle. Not in a job you hate, not in a town where you don’t feel at home, not with friendships that aren’t real and especially, especially not with love.”” Marisa Donnelly


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Steve Jobs


“Don’t pass on your passions, to settle in the stale normality. Endure. Strive. Ensure.” Anthony Liccione


“Once you realize how good you really are, you never settle for playing less than your best.” Reggie Jackson


“Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that’s in us.” Angela Bassett


“I am not naive enough to settle for anything less than a reasonable valuation of my worth.” Roy Keane


“I just had that mindset to never settle. That’s a credit to my pops, too. He used to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ every time we talked.” DaBaby


“Tearing up between what you deserve and what you settle for is a perpetual cause of unsettling pain.” Nitya Prakash


Don’t Settle Quotes


“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” Joseph Joubert


“Don’t settle for good when you were destined to be great.” Charles F Glassman


“Never settle for the crumbs of life.” Og Mandino


“There is always someone out there who will put you first. Don’t settle for someone who will put you next.” Tony Payne


“Don’t settle for being an option; become a priority.” Matt Mitchell


“Once you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you.” Rob Liano


“Take your victories, whatever they may be, cherish them, use them, but don’t settle for them.” Mia Hamm


“Conformity begins the moment you ignore how you feel for acceptance.” Shannon L. Alder


“Find Your Own Happy Street, don’t settle for someone else’s address.” Christine Szymanski


“The choice, as he saw it, was this: You give up or you work for change. “What’s better for us?” Barack called to the people gathered in the room. “Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?” Michelle Obama


“When you accept the fact that your true identity includes being an overcomer, you will never settle for less than a miracle.” Craig Groeschel


Quotes About When Settling Can Sometimes Be Good


“One of the main dilemmas that’s pretty common to a lot of people who are getting older is the idea that maybe there’s a finish line and that maybe there’s a time in your life when you start to slow down and stop and smell the roses and just kind of settle into what will be a comfortable period in your life.” Chris Cornell


“My room was a real way of expressing myself. It was like a little nest that I could settle into.” Chloe Sevigny


“I think happiness is a choice. If you feel yourself being happy and can settle in to the life choices you make, then it’s great. It’s really, really great. I swear to God, happiness is the best makeup.” Drew Barrymore



It is hard to never settle for less than you deserve. It may even feel impossible. But it is important to never stop trying, never settle for less than what you want in life. If you’re interested in more inspiring words and quotes, be sure to check out:


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