Simple Quotes About Me, Myself and I!

Recently, I was looking for some simple quotes about me, myself and I.

Yep, me.

I wanted some simple, straight forward quotes that would describe myself in the now. How I’m feeling now and how I ideally want to be feeling.

No nonsense, no long or wishy-washy quotes, just some good ol’ fashioned short and simple quotes.

Are you looking for some simple quotes that you can use to describe yourself? Or maybe add to your social profile? 

Or remind you of where you want to be? Or how you want to feel? Then check these out:


Simple Quotes About Me!

Simple but powerful quotes about me, myself and I! If you need a reminder, some inspiration or a simple quote about yourself for your social media profile, then this is a great collection!

Simple Quotes About Me

More simple quotes for inspiration:


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