Adjectives That Start With E (With Definitions)

E Words To Describe Someone or Something

Adjectives are descriptive words to describe someone or something. They can be used to express feelings, emotions, and qualities.

As the letter E is the most commonly used letter in the English language, there are many great words that start with E to describe someone or something.

Here are some of the most popular e words to describe someone or something.


Adjectives That Start With E


Adjectives That Start With E (With Definitions)


Eager: excited and enthusiastic about something.

Early: occurring or done at an early stage.

Earnest: characterized by sincerity, intensity, and seriousness of purpose; not joking.

Earthy: having the qualities of nature; organic.

Easing: making something less difficult or painful. 

Easy: not requiring much effort.

Easy-going: relaxed and casual in approach; not easily upset or annoyed.

Ebullient: joyously unrestrained; exhibiting high-spirited enthusiasm.

Eccentric: Unconventional and strange; eccentric behavior.

Eclectic: made up of various parts taken from a number of different sources; diverse.

Economical: using a minimum of time, money, or resources.

Edgy: having a feeling of tension, excitement, or unease; unnerving. Or an ‘edgy’ creative style characterized by bold and daring choices.

Edit:  to revise or make changes to something for the better. 

Educate:  to provide information and instruction.

Educated: someone who has acquired knowledge through study and experience.

Education: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.

Effective: able to produce a desired or intended result.

Effeminate: having or displaying qualities traditionally associated with women; feminine.

Effervescent: full of energy and enthusiasm.

Efficiency: the state or quality of being efficient.

Efficient: able to accomplish something with little waste of time or effort.

Efficiently: do something in an efficient way.

Effortless: requiring no effort to do well; smooth and easy.

Effortlessly: without making a lot of effort.

Effusive: expressing one’s feelings enthusiastically and openly; heartfelt.

Egocentric: Thinking only of oneself; egocentric attitude.

Egotistical: Believing oneself to be superior, exaggerating one’s importance or achievements; egotistical behavior.

Elated: feeling very happy and excited; in high spirits.

Electric: full of energy and enthusiasm.

Electrify: to fill with enthusiasm or excitement.

Electrifying: very exciting.

Elegant: pleasing in appearance and style; graceful. 

Elevate: to raise to a higher level or rank.

Eliminatory: Attempting to remove something completely; eliminatory measures taken against a certain group.

Eloquent: expressed in a clear, powerful, and persuasive manner; articulate.

Elusive: Difficult to find or catch; an elusive prey.

Embroiled: Involved in a difficult or complicated situation; embroiled in a dispute.

Emotional: relating to emotions.

Empath: someone who is able to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Empathetic: able to understand and share the feelings of another person.

Empowered: having the authority or power to do something.

Empowering: giving someone the authority or power to do something. 

Empty: Without substance or meaning; an empty promise.

Enabling: making it possible for someone to do something.

Enchanting: charming and alluring; captivating.

Encouraging: giving support, confidence, and hope to someone; inspiring.

Endangered: Being at risk of extinction; endangered species.

Endearing: causing strong feelings of fondness and affection; lovable.

Endurance: the ability to continue doing something despite hardship or difficulties.

Enduring: continuing to exist despite hardships or difficulties.

Enemy: Someone who is actively opposed to something; the enemy of truth.

Energetic: full of energy and enthusiasm. 

Energize: to fill with energy or enthusiasm.

Energy: the ability to do work or be active.

Engage: to attract and hold someone’s attention.

Engaged: attracted and holding someone’s attention.

Engaging: attractive and interesting in a way that draws one’s attention or admiration.

Engrossing: something so absorbing it holds one’s complete attention; fascinating.

Enigmatic: mysterious and hard to understand or interpret; puzzling.

Enjoyable: making someone happy, excited, or interested.

Enlightened: having knowledge or understanding, especially of a particular subject.

Enlightening: providing new information or understanding. 

Enriching: making someone’s life better or more enjoyable. 

Entertaining: enjoyable to watch or listen to. 

Entertainment: the providing of amusement or enjoyment.

Enthralling: very exciting and captivating. 

Enthusiasm: great excitement or interest.

Enthusiastic: having an intense interest in and admiration for something; eagerness to be involved with it.

Enthusing: causing great excitement or interest.

Entice: to tempt or appeal to greatly.

Enticing: extremely tempting or appealing.

Entire: complete or whole.

Entirely: completely or wholly. 

entrepreneurial: having the qualities of an entrepreneur, such as creativity and risk-taking.

Envious: Jealous of someone else’s success or possessions; envious of their wealth.

Envy: Having a strong desire to possess something; envy of someone’s possessions.

Epic: grand or heroic in scale; awe-inspiring.

Erotic: arousing sensual desire or excitement.

Erratic: having no fixed or regular course; unpredictable.

Error: A mistake or misjudgement; error in judgment.

Erudite: having great knowledge; a deep and extensive learning.

Especially: more so than usual.

Essential: necessary or extremely important. 

Established: something that has been created or developed and is firmly in place.

Esteemed: highly respected and admired; held in high regard.

Estimable: worthy of great respect and admiration; honorable.

Estranged: Having a strained or broken relationship; estranged from family

Eternal: lasting or existing forever; without end.

Ethically: morally good; virtuous.

Euphoric: feeling very happy and confident. 

Evasive: Avoiding giving a direct answer; evasive responses to questions.

Even: being level or in balance; steady.

Evil: Intending to cause harm; evil intentions.

Evocative: bringing strong memories or feelings to mind; suggestive.

Evolution: the gradual development of something into a more complex or advanced form.

Evolved: having developed through a process of growth and change; progressed.

Exacting: Demanding great effort or attention to detail; exacting standards.

Exalted: having a high rank, degree of importance, or status; noble.

Exasperated: Feeling greatly annoyed and frustrated; exasperated with the situation.

Exasperating: Causing displeasure, annoyance, or frustration; exasperating experience.

Excel – to do something extremely well; to be very successful.

Excellence – the quality of being extremely good.

Excellent – having the quality of being extremely good.

Exceptional – much better than average. 

Excited – feeling or showing enthusiasm and eagerness.

Excitement – the feeling of being interested and enthusiastic, a state of great activity.

Exciting: stimulating interest; arousing emotion or energy.

Exclusionary: Intentionally leaving out certain people or groups; exclusionary policies.

Exclusive – not admitting or allowing others to participate; limited to a certain group.

Exemplary: serving as an outstanding example; extraordinary.

Exhilarating: causing great excitement or exhilaration; invigorating.

Exigent: Urgent and requiring immediate action; exigent situation.

Exorbitant: Charging an excessive amount of money; exorbitant fees.

Exotic: strikingly unusual and strange; different from the ordinary.

Expansive: having the ability to think and express oneself freely and openly; broad-minded.

Expedient: suitable or advantageous in the circumstances; practical.

Experimental: relating to or based on experiment and observation; innovative.

Expert – someone who is very knowledgeable about a particular subject.

Explicit: completely clear, leaving no room for confusion or doubt; definite.

Exploitative: Taking advantage of someone for personal gain; exploitative relationship.

Explosive: Quickly and dramatically increasing; explosive growth.

Expressive: conveying one’s thoughts, feelings, or ideas clearly; articulate.

Exquisite: of very high quality; delightful in appearance, character, or skill.

Exquisitely: done with great skill and artistry; superbly crafted.

Extensive – large in size or amount; wide-ranging.

Extortionate: Charging an unreasonable amount of money; extortionate prices.

Extraordinary: going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary; unusual.

Extravagant: Wasteful and lavish, spending too much money; extravagant lifestyle.

Extreme: going to great lengths or beyond the norm; intense.

Extroverted – outgoing and sociable.

Exuberant – having or showing great happiness and enthusiasm.

Exuberantly: in an overflowing manner; with great enthusiasm and energy.


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