Cool Words That Start With X (With Definitions)

As suspected, the list of cool words that start with X, is relatively short.

However, they are still interesting, unique and cool in a very quirky way!

cool words that start with x

List of Cool Words That Start With X

Xenial: showing hospitality or kindness to strangers or guests.

Xenobiology: The study of extra-terrestrial life and its potential existence.

Xenobiotic: a chemical substance that is foreign to a biological system.

Xenogenesis: the production of offspring that are genetically different from both parents.

Xenophile: a person who is attracted to foreign cultures, people, or customs.

Xenophobia: A fear or hatred of foreigners, strangers, or things that are perceived as different or unfamiliar.

Xenotransplantation: the transplantation of organs or tissues from one species to another.

Xeriscape: a style of landscaping that conserves water by using drought-resistant plants.

Xerography: a printing process that uses electrostatic charges to create images.

Xerophilous: thriving in a dry or desert environment.

X-factor: a mysterious, undefinable quality or characteristic that sets someone or something apart from others.

Xylography: the art of engraving or printing from woodblocks.

Xylophone: a musical instrument consisting of a row of wooden bars of different lengths that are struck to produce musical tones.


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