Cool Words That Start With H (With Definitions)

There are many cool words that start with the letter H.

From humdrum and humbug to hammock and hygge, these words are all cool in their own way.

Whether it’s the sound of the word or what the word represents, these are all great words for adding a bit of flair to conversations or writing.

Here’s a long list of more than 60+ cool words starting with H.

cool words that start with h

Cool Words That Start With H

Haberdashery – a store that sells men’s clothing and accessories, such as hats, belts, and gloves.

Hackneyed – overused, clichéd, or lacking in originality.

Haemorrhage – a profuse discharge of blood, often from a wound or internal injury.

Halcyon – calm, peaceful, and prosperous; denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllic and carefree.

Hallelujah – an exclamation of praise or joy, often used in religious or musical contexts.

Hallowed – revered, holy, or respected.

Halogen – a group of chemical elements including chlorine, fluorine, and iodine, often used in lighting and chemical reactions.

Hammock – a hanging bed or couch made of canvas, rope netting, or other materials.

Handmade – made by hand, often indicating craftsmanship or unique qualities.

Hapax legomenon – a word that occurs only once in a text, language, or corpus.

Happenstance – a chance occurrence or coincidence.

Haptic – relating to the sense of touch or tactile feedback, often used in technology or design.

Harbinger – a person or thing that signals the approach of something, often used in a negative sense.

Harlequin – a clown or buffoon, often dressed in colorful or patterned clothing.

Harmony – a pleasing combination of musical notes, colors, or other elements.

Hauteur – arrogance or condescension, often used to describe a superior or aloof attitude.

Headstrong – stubborn, determined, or wilful.

Heartfelt – sincere, genuine, or deeply felt.

Hector – to bully or harass, often in a persistent or aggressive manner.

Hedonistic – characterized by the pursuit of pleasure, often at the expense of moral or ethical considerations.

Heedless – careless, thoughtless, or reckless.

Hegemony – domination or control, often used in political or cultural contexts.

Heliocentric – having the sun at the center; relating to the sun’s position as the center of our solar system.

Heliophile – a person who loves the sun and sunlight.

Heliport – a small airport or landing area for helicopters, often used for emergency or military purposes.

Helix – a spiral or coiled shape, often used to describe the structure of DNA.

Hellacious – extreme or intense, often used to describe a difficult or unpleasant experience.

Hellion – a mischievous or rebellious person, often used to describe children or teenagers.

Hematology – the study of blood and its diseases, often used in medical or scientific contexts.

Hemidemisemiquaver – a musical note having the time value of one sixty-fourth of a whole note.

Herculean – requiring great strength, effort, or courage, often used to describe a task or challenge.

Hermetic – airtight or sealed, often used to describe a container or environment.

Heroic – brave, courageous, or valiant, often used to describe a person or action.

Heterodox – not conforming with accepted or orthodox standards or beliefs.

Heterogeneous – varied or diverse, often used to describe a group of people or things.

Hexagon – a six-sided polygon or shape, often used in mathematics or design.

Hindsight – understanding or insight gained after an event has occurred, often used to describe regret or missed opportunities.

Hinterland – the rural or less developed area surrounding a city or region, often used to describe a remote or inaccessible area.

Hippocampus – a sea creature resembling a horse with a fish’s tail; a part of the brain involved in memory and learning.

Hiraeth – a feeling of nostalgia and homesickness for a place that no longer exists or has never existed.

Hirsute – hairy or shaggy, often used to describe an animal or person with excessive hair growth.

Homage – respect or tribute paid to someone or something, often used in a formal or ceremonial context.

Homogeneous – uniform or consistent, often used to describe a substance or mixture.

Homunculus – a miniature or artificially created human being, often used in alchemy or philosophy.

Horizon – the line where the earth or sea appears to meet the sky, often used to describe a vista or view.

Hovel – a small, dilapidated, or squalid dwelling or shelter.

Hubris – excessive pride or self-confidence, often leading to downfall or failure.

Humbug – nonsense or deception, often used to describe a fraudulent or insincere claim or statement.

Humdrum – monotonous, dull, or routine, often used to describe a job or activity.

Humility – modesty, humbleness, or a lack of arrogance or pride.

Hurricane – a severe tropical storm with strong winds, heavy rain, and sometimes flooding or damage.

Hydrophobia – a fear of water or drowning, often used to describe a symptom of rabies or other diseases.

Hygge – a Danish word for a cozy and comfortable feeling of warmth and contentment, often associated with a comfortable home or lifestyle.

Hype – exaggerated or excessive promotion or advertising, often used to describe a buzz or excitement around a product or event.

Hyperactive – excessively or abnormally active or energetic, often used to describe a child or animal.

Hyperbole – an exaggerated statement or claim, often used to make a point or for humorous effect.

Hypnotic – producing a trance-like state or inducing sleep, often used to describe a soothing or captivating effect.

Hysteria – a state of extreme excitement, panic, or agitation, often used to describe a collective or mass phenomenon.


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