45+ Cool Words That Start With G (With Definitions)

These cool words that start with G are either cool because of their definition, they may be quirky or unique, or they might just ‘sound’ cool.

There is a plethora of words that begin with ‘G’ that can add color and flair to our conversations and writing – some with ridiculous definitions and some with a strange combination of sounds and letters!

cool words that start with g

Cool Words That Start With G 

Gallimaufry – a confused jumble or medley of things.

Gallivant – to go about from one place to another in search of pleasure or amusement; to wander aimlessly.

Garrulous – excessively talkative or chatty.

Gauche – socially awkward or tactless.

Gaudy – excessively showy or bright in a tasteless or vulgar way; flashy or garish.

Gelid – very cold; icy.

Gemini – a person born under the astrological sign of Gemini.

Genealogy – the study of family history and lineage.

Genial – friendly and cheerful; pleasant and kind.

Genuflect – to kneel down on one knee as a sign of respect or worship.

Geocentric – having the earth as the center; regarding the earth as the center of the universe.

Geosynchronous – orbiting the earth at the same rate and direction as the earth’s rotation.

Germane – relevant and pertinent; closely related.

Gestalt – a holistic concept or idea; an organized whole.

Gesticulate – to make gestures or movements, especially when speaking or in place of speaking.

Ghostly – resembling or suggesting a ghost; spooky or eerie.

Giddy – feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or unsteady; also means feeling excited or silly.

Gigabyte – a unit of computer memory or storage, equal to 1 billion bytes.

Gilded – covered with gold or having the appearance of being rich or luxurious.

Gist – the main point or essence of something.

Glacial – extremely cold; relating to glaciers or ice.

Glitch – a sudden, temporary malfunction or problem.

Glitz – extravagant showiness or glamour; flashy or ostentatious display.

Gloaming – the time of day immediately after sunset or just before sunrise; dusk or dawn.

Gluttonous – excessively greedy or voracious, especially with regard to food.

Gobbledygook – language that is confusing, meaningless, or excessively jargon-filled; gibberish.

Goldbrick – a person who shirks responsibility or work; also means to avoid work or responsibility.

Gossamer – a delicate, filmy substance; something light and flimsy.

Gossipy – given to gossip or idle talk; tending to spread rumors or secrets.

Gourmand – a person who loves good food and eats excessively, a foodie.

Gradient – a gradual change in degree or intensity; a slope or incline.

Grandeur – magnificence or splendor; greatness or impressiveness.

Grandiloquent – using fancy, pompous words to sound impressive.

Gratuitous – given or done without reason or justification; free or voluntary.

Gravitas – dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.

Gregarious – fond of being with others; sociable or outgoing.

Groovy – fashionable, cool, or excellent.

Gruesome – causing horror or disgust; grisly or macabre.

Gumption – shrewdness and resourcefulness; initiative and courage.

Gyration – a rapid circular or spiral movement; rotation or revolution.


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