Cool Words That Start With U (With Definitions)

These cool words all start with the letter U.

They might be considered cool because of their definition, the way they sound or the connotation of the word. They could also just be ‘cool’.

Words like ultimate, unicorn, and undulating are all great examples of cool U words to use more often.

Here is a list of many more options:

cool words that start with u

Cool Words That Start With U

Ubiquitous – present or found everywhere; widespread.

Ultimate – being the final or highest stage or result; utmost or extreme.

Ultracrepidarian – someone who gives opinions or advice beyond their expertise or knowledge.

Ululate – to howl or wail loudly and mournfully.

Umbrage – offense or annoyance taken at something perceived as insulting or hurtful.


Unabashed – not embarrassed or ashamed; unapologetic.

Unambiguous – clear and easy to understand, without confusion or doubt.

Unassailable – unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated.

Unbelievable – difficult or impossible to believe; extraordinary or remarkable.

Unblemished – not marked or stained, free from flaws or defects.

Unconditional – not subject to any conditions or limitations; absolute.

Unconscionable – morally unacceptable; beyond reasonable limits.

Unctuous – excessively flattering or insincere; greasy or oily in texture or appearance.

Undeniable – unable to be denied or disputed; unquestionable.


Undulating – having a wavy surface or appearance; rising and falling in waves or curves.

Unequivocal – leaving no doubt; unambiguous; clear and direct.

Unflappable – remaining calm and composed in the face of adversity or challenge.

Unforgettable – impossible to forget; memorable.

Unicorn – a mythical creature resembling a horse with a single straight horn on its forehead; often used to represent something rare or unique.


Unique – one-of-a-kind; unlike anything else; distinctive.

Unity – the state of being united or joined as a whole, harmony or agreement among people or groups.

University – an institution of higher education that typically offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Unorthodox – not conforming to traditional or conventional beliefs or practices.

Unprecedented – never done or seen before; unique or novel.


Unpretentious – not attempting to impress others with one’s wealth, knowledge, or status; modest or humble.

Unrelenting – never giving up or yielding; persistent and unyielding.

Unremitting – never-ending; persistent and unyielding.

Unshakeable – unable to be shaken, moved, or disturbed; unwavering.

Unstoppable – unable to be stopped or prevented; relentless.


Untenable – incapable of being defended or justified.

Upbeat – positive and optimistic; having a lively, energetic tempo in music.

Uppity – behaving as if one is superior to others; arrogant.

Upstanding – honest and morally upright; standing upright or vertical.


Upward – moving or facing towards a higher position; increasing or improving.

Usurp – to take control of something without authority or by force.

Utilitarian – designed for practical use or function rather than beauty or style; focused on usefulness or efficiency.

Utopia – an imaginary perfect world, usually used to describe a society with perfect social and political conditions.


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