Cool Words That Start With R (With Definitions)

These cool words all start with the letter R.

They might be considered cool because of their definition, the way they sound or the connotation of the word. They could also just be ‘cool’.

Words like raucous, rigmarole, and repertoire are all great examples of cool R words to use more often. Here is a list of many more options:

cool words that start with r

Cool Words That Start With R

Raconteur: a skilled storyteller or conversationalist.

Racy: slightly improper or risqué; exciting or stimulating.

Radiant: shining brightly or glowing with joy.

Radiate: to emit or give off rays of light or heat; to project energy or emotion outward.


Rambunctious: boisterous and uncontrollable.

Ramify: to divide or spread out into branches or subdivisions.

Rampant: uncontrolled, widespread, or unchecked.

Rancorous: bitter, resentful, or malicious in speech or behavior.

Rapacious: greedy or grasping; predatory or plundering.


Rapport: a close and harmonious relationship, often based on mutual understanding or trust.

Rapture: a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

Rash: impulsive, reckless, or hasty in decision-making or action.

Rationalize: to justify or explain something in a logical or reasonable way, often to oneself.

Raucous: loud, harsh, and discordant in sound; rowdy or disorderly in behavior.

Ravel: to tangle or unravel; to become confused or complicated.


Ravenous: extremely hungry.

Rebuke: to express sharp disapproval or criticism of someone’s behavior or actions.

Reciprocity: a mutual exchange or interchange of favors or privileges.

Recumbent: lying down or reclining.

Redact: to edit or censor text for publication or distribution; to obscure or delete sensitive information.

Redress: to correct or remedy a wrong or injustice; to compensate or make amends.


Regale: to entertain or amuse with food, drink, or other treats; to delight or enchant.

Rejoice: to feel or show great joy or delight.

Relentless: unyielding, unceasing, or persistent.

Relinquish: to give up or surrender something, often reluctantly.

Reminisce: to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

Renaissance: a revival or rebirth, especially of culture or learning.


Repertoire: the range or collection of skills, talents, or works of an artist or performer.

Repose: a state of rest or relaxation; calmness or tranquillity.

Requite: to return or repay, often in kind; to reciprocate or make amends.

Resilient: able to recover quickly from difficult conditions or setbacks.

Resonate: to produce or evoke a strong, deep, or sympathetic response; to vibrate or sound in harmony.

Resplendent: shining brilliantly; splendid or magnificent.


Reticent: hesitant or reserved in speech or behavior; uncommunicative or silent.

Retrospective: looking back or reflecting on the past; reviewing or evaluating past events or experiences.

Revelry: lively and noisy festivities or celebrations; boisterous merrymaking.

Rhapsody: an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm; a musical composition with irregular form and style.

Rhombus: a parallelogram with opposite equal acute angles and opposite equal obtuse angles; a diamond-shaped figure.


Rigmarole: a complicated or lengthy procedure or process; nonsense or useless talk.

Roustabout: an unskilled laborer or worker who performs manual tasks.

Ruckus: a noisy disturbance or commotion.

Ruffian: a tough or violent person; a bully or criminal.

Rustic: of or relating to the countryside; simple, unsophisticated, or rough in manner or appearance.


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