Words To Describe Yourself In An Interview (+ What It Says About You)

One of the most anticipated, yet unnerving questions every interview candidate faces is, ‘How would you describe yourself?’

However, this seemingly straightforward question is critical in leaving a lasting impression.

Whilst it might be tempting to rattle off a laundry list of adjectives (hardworking, eager, passionate), it’s important to select words that resonate with:

  • the essence of the job role,
  • your personality and skills, and
  • the company’s culture and ethos.

Choosing the right descriptors not only describes your persona, but also strategically positions you as an ideal fit for the position.

Best Words To Describe Yourself In An Interview

Below we discuss some of the best words you can use to describe yourself in an interview, and we discuss what these words can actually say about you.

  • Adaptable: Indicates that you’re comfortable with change and can adjust to different environments or work requirements.
  • Ambitious: Shows you have a strong desire to achieve success and are willing to put in the effort.
  • Analytical: Signifies that you approach problems methodically and use data or logic to arrive at solutions.
  • Client-focused: Shows that you prioritize the needs and concerns of clients or customers.
  • Collaborative: Suggests that you value and actively participate in teamwork.


  • Communicative: Indicates proficiency in sharing information clearly and effectively, both in speaking and writing.
  • Culturally Aware: Demonstrates an understanding and respect for various cultures and backgrounds, crucial for diverse workplaces.
  • Dependable: Tells the interviewer that they can trust you to get the job done and meet deadlines.
  • Detail-oriented: Reveals your focus on the finer points, ensuring accuracy and thoroughness in your work.
  • Diligent: Signifies your commitment to putting in the effort required to complete tasks to the best of your ability.
  • Driven: Indicates a strong motivation to achieve your goals and contribute positively to the company.


  • Eager (to Learn): Demonstrates a continuous desire for growth and understanding, valuable in fast-evolving industries.
  • Efficient: Tells the interviewer that you’re able to accomplish tasks in a timely and productive manner.
  • Empathetic: Emphasizes your capability to understand and relate to the feelings and perspectives of others.
  • Enthusiastic: Shows genuine excitement and positivity towards the role or tasks.


  • Ethical: Reflects your commitment to maintaining integrity and honesty in your work.
  • Goal-oriented: Signifies that you set and work toward both short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Innovative: Shows your aptitude for thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions.
  • Leadership: Signifies that you possess the qualities to guide, inspire, and motivate a team.
  • Meticulous: Shows that you pay close attention to exact details, ensuring precision in your work.


  • Multitasker: Suggests the ability to handle several tasks or projects simultaneously without compromising on quality.
  • Organized: Indicates a systematic approach to tasks, which can boost productivity and reduce errors.
  • Passionate: Demonstrates your deep enthusiasm and dedication to your work or field.
  • Patient: Demonstrates the ability to wait calmly when faced with delays or challenges, and to handle difficult situations without frustration.
  • Persistent: Indicates determination and the ability to stay on a task despite difficulties.
  • Proactive: Demonstrates that you don’t just wait for tasks to come to you; instead, you anticipate needs and take initiative.


  • Problem-solver: Signifies that you approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.
  • Punctual: Reflects your respect for time – both yours and others’.
  • Resilient: Indicates that you can handle setbacks and challenges without getting easily discouraged.
  • Resourceful: Indicates that you can adeptly handle situations and solve problems using available resources or by thinking on your feet.
  • Results-driven: Emphasizes that you focus on outcomes and the tangible impact of your efforts.


  • Self-motivated: Demonstrates your ability to push yourself to accomplish tasks without external influence or supervision.
  • Strategic: Shows that you think about the broader picture, considering long-term implications and outcomes.
  • Team-oriented: Reflects your ability to work well in group settings and collaborate effectively with colleagues.
  • Tech-savvy: Indicates that you’re comfortable with modern technology, software, and tools.

The words you choose to describe yourself in an interview act as a mirror, reflecting your professional identity, personal attributes, and potential value to the company.

So, the next time you find yourself sitting across the table from a potential employer, remember that every word counts.

Tailor your descriptors not just to fit the job description but also to truthfully represent who you are.

After all, authenticity always leaves a lasting impression. Good luck! 🍀

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