20 Empowering Body Confidence Quotes To Question Our Thinking

Feeling body confident is something that many people struggle with.

It’s not hard to see why, when you look at the media and social platforms that tell us we need to lose weight, get a six pack, fit all the things into our busy days and make it all look completely flawless to boot.

In this post, we’ll talk about how small changes in mindset can lead to big results, and examine some powerful and inspiring quotes about body image and confidence.

What is body confidence?

Body confidence is a mindset that involves liking and accepting one’s own body.

Which then impacts on how we treat ourselves, what we accept for ourselves and how we live our lives in general. In short, it really impacts us! 

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It can be difficult to build body confidence when we are constantly bombarded with negative messages about what our bodies should look like, as well as advertising and new ‘tactics’ for how to ‘achieve’ the latest trends in appearance.

It becomes exhausting!

What causes lack of confidence?

In most cases, people lack body confidence because they have a preconceived idea of that they should look like, and yet in their reality, they don’t match up to this. This often leads to feelings of not being ‘enough’, not ‘pretty enough’, not ‘the right shape’, not ‘tall enough’, not ‘smart enough’…. you get the idea.

Therefore, the reasons for what causes an individual’s lack of confidence can be linked back to what influenced their preconceived idea of what they should look like or be like.

These might be (but aren’t limited to) influences such as social media, advertising, how we were raised, body dysmorphia, bullying (in school, by family or online), mental health issues, low self-esteem and the people we surround ourselves with.

How do I get more confidence in my body?

The key to overcoming body confidence issues is to come back into alignment with ourselves and realise that we are enough. Just as we are.

Beginning to question the thoughts we think, how we feel and the people and things that we are allowing to influence us are especially important. Gaining awareness and understanding of why we think the way we do is the best place to start.

It’s for this reason, we have collated a wonderful collection of body confidence quotes that will have you questioning your thoughts and empowering your feelings.

Empowering Body Image Quotes

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Thich Nhat Hanh


“Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want.” Cece Olisa.


“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” Amy Bloom


“When you have confidence, you can do anything.” Sloane Stevens


“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” Louise Hay


“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” Blake Lively


“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” Alan Cohen


“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” Simone de Beauvoir


“To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” Ellen Degeneres


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” Steve Maraboli


“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself.” Geneen Roth


“Women who love themselves are threatening; but men who love real women, more so.” Naomi Wolf


“By choosing healthy over skinny you are choosing self-love over self-judgment. You are beautiful!” Steve Maraboli


“Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.” Cheri K. Erdman


“Step away from the mean girls……and say bye-bye to feeling bad about your looks. Are you ready to stop colluding with a culture that makes so many of us feel physically inadequate? Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others. This is a call to arms. A call to be gentle, to be forgiving, to be generous with yourself. The next time you look into the mirror, try to let go of the story line that says you’re too fat or too sallow, too ashy or too old, your eyes are too small or your nose too big; just look into the mirror and see your face. When the criticism drops away, what you will see then is just you, without judgment, and that is the first step toward transforming your experience of the world.” Oprah Winfrey


“Be happy in your own skin. If you are unhealthy, start by making small changes to become healthier. You are unique, beautiful, and worthy.” Octavia Spencer


“Confidence is everything. Confidence is what makes that simple white tee and jeans look good.” Ciara


“Stop trying to fix your body. It was never broken.” Eve Ensler


“How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.” Karen Quan


“When you have a lot of confidence and you feel like nobody can beat you, it’s game over for everyone else.” Jason Day


Body confidence is a mindset. It’s all about how you perceive your own life and what you do in it. If this post has helped you see that there are ways to improve your self-image without changing anything at all on the outside, we hope that will help motivate you to start living with more confidence and open you up to more possibilities in life. We wish each of our readers peace and happiness as they continue on their journey towards greater wellbeing!

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