30 Day Challenge Ideas – 75 Ideas To Create Your Own Challenge

Looking for some inspiring 30 day challenge ideas?

Big changes aren’t always the most effective.

I know myself, if I try and change 10 things at the same time, it doesn’t usually end well. But if I try to make small, targeted changes then it’s more likely to ‘stick’.

Which is why 30-day challenges can bring amazing results.

30 day challenge ideas

What is a 30-day challenge?

30-day challenges involve committing to a particular habit for 30 days straight. It can be health related, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, a personal development habit, a financial habit or a creative task you’ve been wanting to focus on.

Basically, something that is important to you, and will lead to bettering your life in some way.

They can also be a great way to simply try something new and fun and exciting. Because sometimes, we all need to shake things up a bit, right?

30 day challenge templates

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Do 30-day challenges work?

30 Day Challenges are the perfect amount of time.

It’s a small-time commitment and won’t require massive life changes (but it can if that’s your aim!).

You can commit to almost anything for 30 days, knowing that if it’s just not working for you, then the light is at the end of a (30-day) short tunnel.

But just because it doesn’t seem too long, it doesn’t mean that it won’t help! Because 30 days is long enough to make (most) things a solid habit and is also long enough to see progress from your daily actions.

Even if you don’t want to keep at it, you’ve just given yourself a confidence boost by trying something new and sticking to it for 30 days. Who doesn’t love that sense of accomplishment?

Check out this TED talk by Matt Cutts on how he does regular 30-day challenges:


75 Ideas for 30-day Challenges

While usually we know in ourselves what we need to focus on or what would make a positive change to our lives, here is a list of 75 30-day challenge ideas to get your imagination going:

    1. Sleep for 8 hours every night
    2. Track your spending daily
    3. Plan your day the night before
    4. Walk the dog
    5. Tidy your home each evening
    6. Say ‘I love you’
    7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day
    8. Daily sit-ups
    9. Daily push-ups
    10. Create a list of 5 ‘most important tasks’ to complete each day (and do them!)
    11. Daily squats
    12. Run each day
    13. Pick up the phone and call a family member/loved one each day
    14. Work a little each day on learning a dance sequence (ahem…All The Single Ladies?)
    15. No sugar
    16. No gluten
    17. No smoking
    18. No alcohol
    19. Floss your teeth each night
    20. Write 500 words each day
    21. No negative talk
    22. Pack your lunch
    23. No spend challenge
    24. No take-out
    25. Take a photo each day
    26. Express gratitude to those around you
    27. Write in a journal
    28. No social media
    29. Declutter your life
    30. Get up at 5am
    31. Meditate daily
    32. No television
    33. No gossiping
    34. Look for the opportunity in everything
    35. Read from a novel
    36. Write a novel (“just” 1,667 words per day!)
    37. Read an inspiring quote
    38. Go the gym
    39. Visit the beach
    40. Random act of kindness
    41. Try a new recipe
    42. Read the news or current events
    43. Listen to inspiring music
    44. Stop and smell the roses
    45. Talk to a stranger
    46. Compliment somebody
    47. Skip breakfast (intermittent fasting)
    48. No coffee
    49. Apple a day
    50. 5 vegetables per day
    51. Read the dictionary
    52. Write down something you like about yourself
    53. Don’t use your car
    54. Create a self-care challenge, individual to your needs
    55. Eat dinner together
    56. Make your bed
    57. Write a thank you note
    58. Commit to 10,000 steps each day
    59. Make more effort with your appearance
    60. Plan out your outfit the night before
    61. Eat your lunch outside each day
    62. Plan your next adventure
    63. Recite meaningful and positive affirmations
    64. Create a list of 30 things that make you happy (and do one each day)
    65. Organize one thing each day that’s been bugging you
    66. Watch an inspiring TED talk
    67. Read a poem
    68. Start and complete a knitting project
    69. Create a ‘donate’ box and put one thing in each day
    70. Do 15 minutes of yoga each morning
    71. Drink a green smoothie
    72. Make a list of things to do in your town/city and do one each day
    73. No electric devices before breakfast/after dinner
    74. Set a daily gratitude practice (and stick to it daily)
    75. Ask others how you can help them today

So, what’s something that you’ve been wanting to try? Something you need to adjust in your life or something that you really need to work on?

Target that area, commit to it for 30 days and go from there. It won’t feel like an enormous task to take on, and you will soon work out if it’s something that has benefits that outweighs the perceived effort of doing it.

“I guarantee you the next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot! For the next 30 days.” Matt Cutts​​​​​


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