95+ Words To Describe A Hero (With Definitions)

A hero is a person who is admired for their courage, integrity, selflessness, and commitment to making the world a better place in some way.

They may put others before themselves or take action in the face of danger or in a challenging situation.

Heroes can be found everywhere—from family members, carers, and community members to public figures—and they are often seen as examples of what it means to be a responsible, moral person.

Heroes can also be seen as role models for younger generations, showing them the power of selflessness and courage.


words to describe a hero


List Of Words to Describe A Hero:

When considering words to describe a hero, it’s important to remember that not all heroes will encompass all of these adjectives and nor should they.

Heroes come in many, many different types, what is important is that they are thought to be a good, genuine person who is caring towards others.


Adventurous: people who are eager to explore new places or try new experiences.

Agile: able to move quickly and easily; nimble.

Altruistic: unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others; generous.

Audacious: showing a willingness to take bold risks; daring and courageous.

Beacon: somebody who guides others with a bright example; a shining light.

Benevolent: wishing to do good to others; kind-hearted.

Bold: fearless, daring, or adventurous; courageous.

Brave: ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Caring: Showing kindness and concern for others.

Champion: somebody who fights for a cause and stands up to injustice.

Charismatic: having personal charm and attractiveness; alluring.

Charitable: generous in giving money, help, or sympathy to those in need.

Chivalrous: having the qualities of courtesy, generosity, and courage associated with the medieval knightly class.

Committed: devoted to a task, purpose, or cause with loyalty; dedicated.

Compassionate: having or showing sympathy and understanding; kind-hearted.

Conqueror: somebody who defeats an enemy or opponent; a victor.

Courageous: not easily discouraged; brave in spite of fear or danger.

Daring: willing to take risks; adventurous.

Dauntless: undaunted by fear, danger, or difficulty; courageous.

Dedicated: Committed to a cause or purpose with enthusiasm and vigor.

Dependable: able to be relied on as honest or truthful.

Diligent: hardworking and dedicated to carrying out tasks; industrious.

Dutiful: having or showing a sense of what one should do in order to fulfill obligations.

Empathetic: having an understanding of and feeling for another’s emotions; compassionate.

Enlightened: having understanding and knowledge of a subject; wise and informed.

Epic: heroic in size or scope; grand.

Fearless: without fear or hesitation; brave and courageous.

Gallant: having or showing high standards of behavior, chivalry, and bravery; dashing and valiant.

Generous: liberal and kind in giving, sharing, or providing; unselfish.

Gentle: kind, benevolent, and affectionate.

Genuine: honest, real, and authentic; true.

Glorious: having or deserving glory; majestic.

Good-natured: friendly, kind, and pleasant.

Ground breaker: somebody who makes bold advances and is the first to do something new; a pioneer.

Helpful: providing useful assistance; cooperative.

Heroic: showing great courage, determination, and bravery.

Honest: Truthful and sincere in word and deed.

Honorable: having or showing respect and honesty.

Humane: marked by compassion, sympathy, and consideration for others.

Humble: free from pride or arrogance; modest.

Illustrious: having fame, honor, or distinction; renowned.

Innovative: introducing or using new ideas, methods, or products; creative.

Inspirational: evoking admiration, enthusiasm, or courage in others; motivating.

Inspiring: causing someone to feel excited and enthusiastic about achieving something.

Integrity: being honest and having strong moral principles; uprightness.

Intrepid: not afraid of danger or difficulty; brave and fearless.

Invaluable: having great worth, value, or importance; priceless.

Inventive: having the ability to create and develop new ideas; imaginative.

Invincible: unconquerable or indestructible; unbeatable.

Just: based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.

Kind: Considerate and sympathetic towards others.

Laudable: worthy of praise or admiration; commendable.

Leader: a person who guides or directs others; a role model.

Loyal: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.

Luminous: radiating or reflecting light; bright and glowing.

Magnanimous: generous in forgiving others; kind and forgiving.

Magnificent: having a grandeur and beauty that inspires admiration; awe-inspiring.

Mentor: somebody who offers guidance and support to another; a teacher.

Mighty: having great strength and power; powerful.

Moral: conforming to accepted standards of behavior; principled.

Noble: having high moral qualities; honorable and admirable.

Optimistic: hopeful and confident about the future; positive.

Persevering: continuing in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

Philanthropic: somebody who actively seeks to promote the welfare of others; charitable.

Pioneer: a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.

Powerful: strong; capable of producing great physical force.

Protagonist: somebody who is the main character in a story; a hero.

Protector: one who cares for and defends another from danger or harm.

Reliable: dependable and trustworthy; able to be relied on.

Rescuer: someone who comes to another’s aid in a time of need.

Resilient: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Resolute: determined and unwavering in purpose; firm and committed.

Role model: a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially younger people.

Sacrificial: willing to give up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.

Selfless: having the ability to put others’ needs before one’s own; altruistic.

Self-reliant: having the ability to rely on oneself for strength and courage; independent.

Self-sacrificing: willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others; unselfishly generous.

Stalwart: having strength, courage, and determination; reliable and dependable.

Strong: having physical or mental power and endurance; tough.

Tenacious: showing great determination; not giving up easily.

Tireless: never tiring or flagging in determination; indefatigable.

Trailblazer: a person who is the first to do something; an innovator.

Unconquerable: unyielding and unstoppable; valiant and indomitable.

Unconventional: not conforming to accepted standards, conventions, or rules.

Unfailing: never failing or incomplete; reliable and constant.

Unstoppable: having the strength and determination to fight against opposition; unflinching.

Unwavering: not changing; staying firm and steady.

Uplifting: inspiring or encouraging hope, cheerfulness, or courage in others.

Upright: having rectitude, honesty, and integrity; honorable.

Valiant: bravely determined; demonstrating courage in adversity.

Valorous: endowed with courage or bravery; valiant.

Victor: one who is successful in a struggle, contest, or conflict; a winner.

Virtuous: having high moral standards and principles; honorable.

Visionary: somebody with foresight; able to think ahead in terms of the future.

Warrior: somebody who is courageous and brave, especially in battle; a hero.

Wise: having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.


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