100+ Adjectives That Start With A (With Definitions)

Adjectives are words that can help describe the qualities of a person, place, thing, or idea. They help to give an idea of what something looks like, how it behaves, or what kind of emotion it evokes. 

We might choose an adjective to help describe the appearance, condition, sound, feeling, intelligence, temperament, taste, or smell of something.

There are countless adjectives in the English language, and many of them begin with the letter A.

Here is a list of adjectives that start with A and their definitions to help provide context and further understanding.

list of adjectives that start with a

List of Adjectives Starting With A


Abandoned – having been deserted or left; forsaken.

Abhorrent – provoking or deserving strong dislike, disgust, or loathing.

Able – having the necessary ability, skill, or resources to do something; capable.

Abrasive – having a rough surface or nature.


Absentminded – preoccupied; forgetful; not paying attention to one’s surroundings.

Absolute – complete; perfect; without any restrictions or limitations.

Abundant – existing in large quantities; plentiful.

Acclaimed – having earned great praise and admiration; celebrated.


Accommodating – willing to help or do favors for others, obliging.

Accomplished – having achieved success or proficiency in a particular field; skillful.

Accurate – without mistakes or errors; precise and exact.

Achy – having or causing a sore, painful feeling.


Acrobatic – involving feats of physical agility, strength, balance, and coordination.

Active – taking part in an activity; able to move freely and quickly.

Acute – having a sharp edge, point, or wit; keenly perceptive.

Adaptable – able to adjust easily to different conditions; flexible and versatile.


Adaptive – able to adjust readily to different conditions; capable of changing.

Adept – highly skilled, proficient, or experienced in a particular area.

Adeptly – with skill and aptitude; expertly.

Admirable – inspiring admiration and respect; worthy of emulation.


Adorable – attractive and lovable in appearance or behavior.

Adroit – skilled; clever or resourceful in the use of one’s hands, mind, or imagination.

Adventurous – willing to take risks and try new things, eager for novel experiences.

Aesthetic – relating to beauty and the appreciation of beauty; attractive.


Affable – having a friendly and easy-going personality; pleasant to talk to.

Affectionate – displaying or expressing fondness and tenderness for someone.

Affirmative – expressing agreement or acceptance; confirming something to be true.

Affirming – expressing agreement or approval; supportive and encouraging.


Affluent – having a plentiful supply of money or material possessions; wealthy.

Affordable – reasonably priced.

Ageless – having an endless or timeless quality; immortal and eternal.

Aggravating – making a situation worse; exasperating, irritating, or annoying.


Aggressive – having or showing determination and a willingness to take action and stand up for oneself, usually in a threatening manner.

Agile – able to move quickly and easily; nimble and graceful.

Agreeable – pleasant or acceptable; easy to agree with or get along with.

Alert – quick to notice any unusual and potentially dangerous or difficult circumstances.


Alive – full of energy and activity; vibrant and energetic.

Alluring – attractive in an appealing way; captivating.

Allusive – referring to something indirectly or by suggestion; hinting at.

Aloof – detached or distant in manner; cool and reserved.


Altruistic – unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.

Ambidextrous – equally skilful with both hands; able to use either hand with equal ease.

Ambiguous – open to more than one interpretation; not clear or distinct in meaning.

Ambitious – having or showing a strong desire and determination to achieve success.


Ambitiously – having or showing great drive, determination, and energy.

Amiable – friendly and good-natured; possessing an agreeable disposition.

Amicable – characterized by friendliness and absence of discord; peaceable.

Ample – generous in amount; plentiful.


Amorous – expressing or inspired by strong feelings of love and desire.

Amorphous – having no definite form or shape; shapeless and indefinite.

Ample – sufficient or more than enough; abundant.

Amusing – entertaining enough to cause laughter or diversion.


Analytical – skilled at analyzing data and breaking down complex information into parts.

Ancient – having great age, especially of historical or archaeological interest.

Angelic – having a sweet nature befitting an angel; divinely kind and gentle.

Annoying – causing irritation, frustration, or annoyance; vexatious.


Antique – of a style, era, or design that is old and no longer fashionable.

Anxious – feeling or showing apprehension, worry, or unease; fearful.

Appealing – attractive or interesting enough to draw admiration, pleasing.

Appeasing – calming or pacifying, as by giving into demands; placating.


Appreciative – aware of the good qualities of someone or something, with gratitude.

Apprehensible – able to be understood; comprehendible.

Apprehensive – feeling worried or uneasy about something that may happen in the future.

Apprentice – a person learning a trade from an experienced worker.


Appropriate – suitable for a particular person, place, or situation; fitting.

Appropriately – suitable or fitting for a particular purpose; effective or suitable for the occasion.

Aptly – in a manner that is appropriate or suitable; fittingly.

Aromatic – having a pleasant smell.


Artfully – cleverly made or executed; skilful.

Articulate – able to express oneself clearly, fluently, and effectively in speech.

Artifact – something made or given shape by humans, such as a tool or a work of art.

Artistic – having or displaying a creative or imaginative flair.


Arty – having or showing a deep understanding and appreciation of art.

Aspiring – having a strong desire or ambition to achieve something high or great.

Assertive – confident and direct in claiming one’s rights or putting forward one’s views.

Assertively – expressing oneself confidently and forcefully; bold.


Assiduous – hardworking and diligent; persistent and untiring in one’s efforts.

Astonished – filled with great surprise or wonderment; amazed.

Astonishing – causing amazement, surprise, or wonder; astounding.

Astonishingly – in a manner that is extraordinarily surprising and remarkable.


Astounding – causing amazement, surprise, or wonder; astonishing.

Astronomical – extremely large in terms of size or quantity; vast beyond measure.

Astute – having or showing sharp powers of judgment; discerning.

Astutely – in a shrewd or clever manner; with acuteness of judgment.


Athletic – relating to participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity.

Attentive – paying close attention or listening carefully; heedful.

Attractive – pleasing to look at; appealing; attractive.

Audacious – daring and fearless, often in the face of disapproval or opposition.


Audaciously – in a fearless and daring manner; boldly.

Audible – able to be heard; loud enough to be heard at a distance.

Augmenting – increasing the size, extent, quantity, or intensity of something; enlarging.

Auspicious – favorable and promising; indicating a good outcome.


Authentic – not false or copied; genuine; real.

Authentically – accurately and true to fact; conferring validity and authority.

Authoritative – having a sense of authority; able to influence others in one’s field.

Automated – operated or controlled by automated (computerized) systems and processes.


Average – relating to a standard of normality; common or ordinary.

Averaging – resulting from a process involving the calculation of an average value or quantity.

Avid – having or showing keen interest or enthusiasm; eager.

Avidly – with great enthusiasm; eagerly or greedily.


Aware – having knowledge or perception; conscious.

Awesome – inspiring awe or admiration; majestic.

Awestruck – filled with awe or wonderment; astonished.


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