60+ Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss (Using Your Thoughts For Success)

Affirmations are a great tool to use towards your weight loss journey. As you will see below, weight loss requires a mental shift to be successful and affirmations can certainly help achieve this!

How do I program my mind to lose weight?

The formula for losing weight is actually very simple; we need to create a calorie deficit – we need to use more calories than we take in.

What isn’t simple however, is programming our minds to lose the weight. When our thoughts aren’t in line with our goal to lose weight, our feelings also aren’t in line and therefore our actions (or inaction) don’t participate to create this calorie deficit.

When we initially embark on a weight loss journey, we plan out the diet we will follow and the fitness program that we will commit to. We have a goal in our mind of what our ideal weight will be and we’re initially enthusiastic and motivated.

Until we aren’t.

Because we forgot to get our mindset on board!

Our current thought patterns have gotten us to our current weight and therefore, we need to install new thought patterns to get us to our ideal weight. These more ‘ideal’ thoughts will get our feelings and emotions on board, which will then stimulate the ‘ideal’ actions (or inactions) that we need to take.

A great way to start this process of installing new thought patterns, is by using positive and powerful affirmations!

Do affirmations work for weight loss?

Affirmations definitely work for weight loss, but they are not a quick fix. They take time to build the new thoughts and habits that will help you reach your goals.

You don’t even have to be a believer in the law of attraction.

Affirmations affirm what we want to think and feel, by repeating them over and over again until our mind begins to believe them – which in turn sets off positive emotions and actions in order to get us to where we want to go.

In order for affirmations to work quickly, you want to make them not too ‘far fetched’ from your current thoughts, at least initially.

What is a good affirmation for weight loss?

A good affirmation for weight loss is one that does not go against your current thought too much, but still creates a shift to a more positive thought.

For example, if your current thought belief is that you ‘hate exercising’, repeating an affirmation of ‘I love exercising every day’ is going to make your subconscious mind fire back with ‘Haha, funny story! Now let’s sit back down on the couch’.

Instead, affirmations such as:

‘I enjoy moving my body’

‘A quick, short walk each day is easy’

‘I’m finding an exercise routine that I enjoy’

would be more believable at this stage of your weight loss affirmation practice.

The trick is to start building on such affirmations when your first list becomes believable, then just keep upgrading these positive thoughts. Remember to be compassionate and encouraging with yourself.

Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss

To get you started, the following list is a great example of affirmations that when repeated regularly, will shift your thought patterns and guide you to a healthier mindset. These positive statements are all written in the present tense and will encourage you to make small changes towards more positive feelings and therefore healthy habits:

1.      I am ready to lose the extra weight now.

2.      I love to nourish my body with healthy foods.

3.      I can envision my body at my goal weight.

4.      Maintaining a healthy weight is important to live a long life.

5.      Fuelling my body with nutritious food is important to me.

6.      I am comfortable with my body.

7.      I am happy with my body.

8.      I am grateful for everything by body does.

9.      I am improving my body in a healthy way that makes me happy.

10.  Focusing on my physical body also helps my mental health.

11.  I love nutritious foods.

12.  My clothes are fitting better and better.

13.  I can always find healthy food alternatives.

14.  Making small, healthy changes is actually easy for me.

15.  I respect my body.

16.  I am getting stronger everyday.

17.  I enjoy the way my skin and hair are improving.

18.  I don’t have to be perfect to achieve my ideal weight, I just need to keep going.

19.  Consistency is my motto on my weight loss journey.

20.  I enjoy the taste of healthy food.

21.  I effortlessly follow my healthy food plan.

22.  I am glowing.

23.  I am transforming like a butterfly.

24.  I forgive myself.

25.  I choose my ideal body weight.

26.  I deserve to be at a healthy weight.

27.  I have so much potential.

28.  I eat when I am hungry, to refuel my body.

29.  When I’m bored, I look for more productive things to do instead of eating.

30.  Healthy food tastes delicious.

31.  I enjoy my exercise routine.

32.  I love moving my body.

33.  I love maintaining my ideal weight.

34.  It is easy for me to stick to my healthy diet.

35.  It is easy for me to lose weight.

36.  I inspire others to be healthy.

37.  I inspire my family to eat well and make healthy choices.

38.  I am dedicated to my health.

39.  I easily maintain my optimal eating habits.

40.  I just no longer crave unhealthy foods.

41.  I am returning to my ideal weight.

42.  I am proud of myself.

43.  I am moving towards my health goals at a great pace.

44.  I no longer crave junk food at all.

45.  I am excited for the future.

46.  I maintain a positive mindset on my weight release journey.

47.  I have done this before, and I will do it again.

48.  I am amazed at my progress and dedication.

49.  Good things are happening for me.

50.  I make sure I have healthy food options on hand.

51.  I am excited for my new wardrobe.

52.  I enjoy moving my healthy body daily.

53.  My self confidence is soaring.

54.  My healthy food preparation is improving/impressive.

55.  I listen to what my body needs.

56.  I make wise food choices daily.

57.  I am happy, healthy, energetic, and positive.

58.  I am effortlessly achieving my weight loss goals.

59.  I love my healthy lifestyle.

60.  I make incremental steps towards my weight loss efforts.

Positive Self-Talk

It’s important to appreciate how powerful self-talk is to our own mindsets. We ‘talk’ to ourselves constantly, we might as well be repeating a positive message!

The affirmations listed above are designed to help you boost your motivation and affirm positive changes. Be sure to also try writing your own weight loss affirmations that work or you!

By reading these affirmations, you will be able to develop a more productive outlook on life and find the inspiration that’s necessary for weight loss success!

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