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34 Abundance Affirmations To Encourage Possibility

What Are Abundance Affirmations?


Abundance affirmations are statements that you think and say to yourself to encourage a more abundant mindset.

The focus is on keeping your thoughts and beliefs on the more optimistic side of life, and seeing the possibilities, instead of a more scarce mindset that focuses on lack.

Abundance affirmations can be powerful and inspiring, encouraging us to notice what we are grateful for, what we already have and to encourage more of the same.

You can’t think of abundance when you’re worried about lack in your life. Lack of money, lack of luck, lack of opportunities, etc.

If you remember the concept of like attracts like, thoughts become things, then you know that  focusing on lack will just bring more of the same.

Therefore, to create more abundance, we have to focus on the abundance in our lives right now.


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What Are the Most Powerful Abundance Affirmations?

Affirmations are simply statements that we say to ourselves. They become thoughts that we believe. Some of these thoughts are conscious and some are unconscious – we don’t even realize that we have a choice in thinking that thought.

The most powerful affirmations to you will be the ones that are meaningful and believable. To you.

Additionally, affirmations are much more powerful when they are said in the present tense and you reinforce them until they become natural to you.

List of Affirmations for a Life of Abundance

The best affirmations about abundance will come from thoughts around gratitude, possibilities, opportunities, potential and success. They don’t look for what is missing, but instead recognize that there is ‘enough’ good in the right now, and an openness to accept more of this.

Consider the following abundant affirmations and feel which ones resonate with you personally:


  • I have an abundant mindset.


  • I am living a life of abundance.


  • I am abundant.


  • I’m grateful for everything I have in my life.


  • I cherish the abundance of happiness that each day brings me.


  • Every day I am attracting wealth and abundance.


  • Riches continuously flow in and out of my life.


  • I openly share the abundance that I receive.


  • Life is full of the potential to create wealth and abundance.


  • I am open to attracting wealth.


  • I deserve the abundance that enters my life constantly.


  • I am grateful for the wealth and riches in my life.


  • I am open to every opportunity that comes my way.


  • I am in the right mindset to attract abundance in my life.


  • I was born to be abundant.


  • Today I will be prosperous., I will manifest abundance in my life.


  • I am open to creating abundance in my life.


  • Abundance in this universe is unlimited, and I will harness the power to receive it.


  • Feeling good and feeling positive attracts a massive amount of abundance.


  • It’s natural for me to feel abundant.


  • I can always find the silver lining.


  • I pay my expenses with gratitude.


  • I have more than enough.


  • I am generous with my resources.


  • I see opportunity wherever I look.


  • Money easy comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.


  • I am happy for and inspired by the success of others.


  • My income is always increasing.


  • There is more than enough for everyone, including me.


  • I’m naturally lucky.


  • There is always enough in my life.


  • I am financially free.


  • I am a magnet for success and good fortune.


  • I am generous.



List of Abundance Affirmations


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